Star Wars: The Old Republic Amount of Daily Resource Matrices Gained Increased in Update 7.1.1

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Bioware is going to launch Update 7.1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic at 1 p.m. today. This patch implements changes that players will love - one of which is the higher amount of Daily Resource Matrices gained.

The Daily Resource Matrix in SWTOR, for the uninitiated, is a resource that lets players upgrade their equipment. This is a pretty good resource to farm, especially for those who are still in the process of gearing their characters.

In the upcoming Update 7.1.1, the inflow of Daily Resource Matrices is increased from the following sources:

  • Group Finder Role in Need rewards 10 DRM (up from 5).
  • World Bosses reward 8 DRM on kill (up from 3).
  • Mission "[WEEKLY] Priority Targets" rewards 40 DRM (up from 20).
  • Weekly Missions for Heroic Areas reward 40 DRM (up from 20).
  • Weekly Missions for Daily Areas and Conquest Events reward 50 DRM (up from 25).

There are two main reasons why Bioware is implementing the above-mentioned changes. First, these will reduce the number of Daily and Heroic missions required for players to upgrade their gear. And second, players now have more options for farming the said currency.

Another major change in Update 7.1.1 is that the number of slots in the Outfitter has been doubled, essentially giving players 32 slots to work with instead of 16.

Patch Notes

  • Long character’s names are no longer cut off in the Character Sheet.
  • Players are now correctly receiving loot after defeating World Bosses.
  • Added Jawa Scraps to deconstruct packages for Level 80 gear.
  • Guild Ships can now travel to Manaan.
  • Players wearing level appropriate gear for an area will not become noticeably weaker when being level shifted downward.
  • The Damage, Survivability, and Support stats on the Character Sheet should now more accurately reflect the role of your current Combat Style.
  • Characters in the Character Sheet window are no longer stuck in an unarmed stance when opening the Character Sheet window with no weapons equipped.
  • Helmets’ visual effects are now displayed in the Character Sheet window.
  • Outfits can no longer be selected if the “Show Gear as Outfit” option is selected.
  • Fixed the issue where the deconstruction button from the Inventory window remains highlighted when the button is pressed for a longer period and dragged out of the button area.
  • The currency icon no longer appears in the mail title when there is no currency attached.
  • The content of the chat window is no longer outside of the window when resizing the global scale.
  • Hovering over the items of vendors’ inventory is now correctly highlighting the item and displaying the tooltip.
  • Dualsabers no longer rotate 180 degrees in the character’s hands while running and walking - all body types.

The full changelog can be found on SWTOR’s official website.

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