'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Spoilers: Do New 'Episode 8' Leaks Describe Supreme Leader Snoke's Planet?

'Star Wars: Episode 8' is now 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.'
'Star Wars: Episode 8' is now 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.' Lucasfilm

Unlike Star Wars: The Force Awakens , which endured substantial leaks throughout the production process, little is known for certain about its upcoming sequel, Star Wars: Episode 8 The Last Jedi. From set leaks, we already know Finn and Rey will visit high society and that Rey will train with Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To. But beyond that it’s just endless speculation and rumors. And now there’s a new rumor. An unnamed source has described one of the planet locations of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Making Star Wars and it might just be the base of operations for Supreme Leader Snoke, the First Order commander introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and central to fan theories ever since).

Making Star Wars’ source describes the new Episode 8 planet as “Mars with snow on it.” That means red dirt, with snow flurries that bank powder along any topographic feature. But the planet is more than just a barren, cold wasteland, it also appears to be loaded with First Order tech. The planet is rumored to be the location of several interior scenes resembling Starkiller Base. No, it’s not another Death Star, but it might look a little like the Death Star’s rugged, planetary equivalent. According to Making Star Wars, on-location filming in Bolivia might be intended for this planet.

But the biggest bit of informed speculation spun out from this anonymously-sourced rumored planet (we’re playing a long game of telephone here, in other words) is the probability that this planet could be a staging ground for Supreme Leader Snoke, perhaps even the place where we’ll first see Hux, Kylo Ren and Snoke meet in person. Is Snoke actually a super tall Death Eater, or will he turn out more like Dobby? There are, of course, rumors and set leaks about that too apparently, Snoke is a giant puppet).

So far we know Star Wars: The Last Jedi will go to a planet that has cityscapes similar to Dubrovnik and return us to the home of the first Jedi temple on Ahch-To (which we saw at the end of The Force Awakens). With the addition of this snowy, martian-like landscape, the sequel to The Force Awakens might just step beyond the snow planet / desert planet / forest planet template preferred by The Force Awakens.

The trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8 can’t come soon enough. But even then, we still have until Dec. 14 before we can see Episode 8 in theaters.

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