Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order And Spider-Man's Success Has Inspired Disney To Make Games Again

Disney reconsiders getting back to gaming
Disney reconsiders getting back to gaming Alpha Coders

With the grand success of Spider-Man on PS4 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Disney is looking for developers to "reimagine" its franchises into video games. The company is now more encouraged to look for collaborations in the video game industry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney's Senior VP of Games and Interactive Experiences, Sean Shoptaw, stated at the 2020 DICE Summit in Las Vegas that "I'm here for one specific reason: to empower you to do really unique things with our [catalog]."

"We want to tap into the power of creatives across the industry," Shoptaw continued. “We want to dream big and look forward to all the things we can do together."

Shoptaw extended his invitation to the developers present at the summit to "come and play" with the extensive catalog that the company has. The catalog now also includes many 20th Century Fox properties such as Avatar and Bob's Burgers, among others.

Disney has had a partnership with EA on Star Wars games since 2013. The partnership resulted in Jedi: Fallen Order to be one of the biggest success stories. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order also surpassed the many outperforming previous titles like Star Wars Battlefront II. Battlefront II managed to sell more than 9 million copies, while Jedi: Fallen Order, although being a single-player game, managed to sell over 10 million copies. Additionally, the game hasn't released any new content since its launch in November.

This was the first time that Disney chose to step away from creating its own games and license out its franchises to other creative minds. “We want to dream big and look forward to all the things we can do together," Shoptaw told the audience.

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