‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Glitches Offer Unlimited Hero Spawns & Ammo For The Best Weapon

Star Wars Battlefront was going to have a single-player campaign, but it was cut to release with The Force Awakens EA

Star Wars Battlefront ’s latest update has a new batch of glitches that offer unlimited Hero spawns and ammo for the DT-29. The bugs have impacted players on multiplayer servers across console and PC.

The first major glitch worth noting is the multiple Hero glitch that was assumed to have been patched out late last year. It’s returned with a vengeance. Without offering too much bait for potential cheaters, its execution and benefits are the same as before. In most online modes, only one hero is allowed on the battlefield per team. However, if you pick up a token and pause the game for a specific amount of time, this gating mechanism gets removed.As a result, opposing teams can all become Heroes and wreck shop against the vast majority of normal soldier skins.

The second  glitch is related to the DT-29 blaster weapon that debuted in December’s Star Wars: Rogue One Scarif DLC. While the ultra-powerful gun is only meant to have six shots that reload with each fire, the latest cheat removes both restrictions. Without saying too much, pairing the DT-29 with the Cooling Cell Star Card offers quick and limitless shots of an absurdly worthy gun.

No word has been offered as to when these glitches will be addressed by DICE, but both scenarios continue to make their presence felt online. The game was supported with a round of server maintenance on Feb. 2, so the team appears fairly open to patching out these issues in time.

Star Wars Battlefront is nearing the end of its promotional cycle, with a sequel expected for release later this year. The follow up is confirmed to feature a true single-player campaign that stretches across multiple eras of the Star Wars timeline.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you encountering any of these Star Wars Battlefront glitches online? Do you like the idea of having multiple Heroes in play at once? Tell us in the comments section!

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