Star Wars Battlefront 2 Devs Tease Next Updates, Prequel Season Heroes

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Jar Jar Bonks Star Wars
Star Wars Battlefront 2 season 2 might include prequel content. Would you take to the battlefield with Jar Jar as your hero? Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Lucasfilm/Disney

Star Wars Battlefront 2 updates have been non-existent for the past month, but DICE Design Director Dennis Brännvall‏ recently broke the silence via Twitter. Over the past few hours, Brännvall‏ discussed everything from progression to a potential prequel season.

Most of these tidbits are short, but they were conveniently gathered by Preston1138 on the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit.

  • Brännvall posted a video of “March On The Jedi Temple” as his song for “‘tweaking’ the progression system.” In other words, if you’re still not happy with the current loot crate loop, more changes are in development.
  • Brännvall says he’ll be sharing progress updates more frequently as he and his team have permission from EA to keep the community up to date.
  • More info on skins is coming soon .
  • He refused to talk about heroes like Obi-Wan or General Grievous.
  • When asked if he could tease prequel content, Brännvall posted a picture of Jar Jar Binks with the caption “how rude.”
  • Joked about Episode I destroyers.
  • Said he’d like to see the 2015 Bespin map return.
  • Private match support teased.
  • Also teased Anakin as a hero by saying “be mindful of your thoughts. They’ll betray you” when asked if the elder Skywalker would join the roster.
  • He said he’s already teased things about next season. Given the nods to “March On The Jedi Temple,” Anakin, destroyers and Jar Jar, it sounds like prequel content. The next season is expected to begin soon.

Aside from these larger upgrades, here’s a list of bugs, buffs or nerfs being investigated by developers.

  • Sentry ability will likely be nerfed for heroes.
  • Broken emotes are being investigated.
  • Improved lightsaber effects.
  • Fixes for issues with hero abilities being locked.
  • CR-2 and Blurgg are both being nerfed.
  • Wookies are getting nerfed.
  • Rolling and dodging will be tweaked.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was last updated in mid-December. EA has assured fans that change would be constant in the Battlefront 2 universe, but between holiday breaks and aggressive maneuvers to rejuvenate the game’s frustrated community EA has maintained a strict code of silence. Most of the post-launch backlash has calmed down, so it’s encouraging to see the community’s most trusted sources reopening dialogue with players.

The small collection of balance tweaks is a nice touch, but the addition of character skins could potentially be far more impactful. Data miners previously uncovered menus full of unused character models, and we’d guess lots of those will eventually be introduced into the multiplayer suite. With these skins in place, there could be less reliance on Star Cards in the loot crate economy. If there are more ways to directly unlock cards and greater cosmetic opportunities, Star Wars Battlefront 2 can very quickly become the game many die-hard Star Wars fans originally hoped for.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. No release date for the next update has been revealed, but we imagine it will go live alongside season 2 content.

What do you think of these recent tweets from Battlefront 2 developers? Does this game still have a chance to win back its lost players? Tell us in the comments section!

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