‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Creator Bryan Fuller Counts Down To Halloween With Two Horror Movie Classics

The Silver Shamrock masks of 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch.' Universal Pictures

Bryan Fuller, creator of the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery (recently delayed to May of 2017), has been beating the Halloween drum on Twitter. While he’s referenced classics like Halloween and Carrie throughout October, his Halloween countdown has been a more idiosyncratic journey. But before we get to the tweets, you have to play this YouTube video.

That will be stuck in your head for a while.

It’s a commercial for Silver Shamrock masks, each one embedded with a microchip and a sliver of Stonehenge. The masks are available in “Pumpkin Head,” “Green Witch” and “Skull,” but be warned: the Silver Shamrock company reserves the right to activate the magical, Celtic sliver and summon a swarm of insects and snakes to feast on your face.

Every day in October, Bryan Fuller has been reinserting that catchy Silver Shamrock commercial theme into the minds of his Twitter followers.

But here’s the weird part. While the evil Silver Shamrock masks are from Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Fuller has combined the company slogan with images from Creepshow, the 1982 horror anthology movie directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King.

“Meteor Shit!” - Stephen King as Jordy Verrill:

So what’s going on here? No clue, but it’s giving me the creeps. It may be best to avoid Twitter on the day Bryan Fuller’s countdown hits zero. Happy Happy Halloween Halloween Halloween, Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock.

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