'Star Citizen' Alpha 3.0 Features Previewed During Gamescom Presentation

Star Citizen
Star Citizen Photo: Cloud Imperium Games

The world got a closer look at Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 this weekend, courtesy of a gamescom presentation from Chris Roberts, and it looks like the seamless, persistent universe promised during the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign is finally starting to come together.

It’s been nearly a year since the last time we checked in on Star Citizen, the ambitious sci-fi MMO from Cloud Imperium Games that hopes to make good on the greatest promises of games like No Man’s Sky , EVE: Online and Elite: Dangerous. And it looks like things have changed quite a bit over the last ten months. Last year, Cloud Imperium was still developing individual modules, each one focusing on a specific aspect of the overall Star Citizen experience. Now, the studio is finally able to give fans an idea of exactly what moment-to-moment gameplay will be like.

In our first look at Star Citizen Alpha 3.0, Roberts walks the audience through a security job, from the moment it hits the pilot’s personal computer all the way through completion. We see Roberts retrieve his personal ship, depart his home, travel to a new star system and eventually land on the planet to which he was summoned. We even get a brief tour of the spaceport where the security job is located. And all of transpires seamlessly, without needing to swap between modules or wait for anything longer than the average loading screen.

For a closer look at Star Citizen, take some time to watch the new Alpha 3.0 presentation from Cloud Imperium Games. Then head down to the comments section and let us know whether or not you think Star Citizen will live up to expectations.

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