Square Enix Presents: Marvel’s Avengers Now Available on Next-Gen Consoles

Update released.
Get to enjoy new features.
Get to enjoy new features. Square Enix

Good news for next-gen console players! Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This was confirmed during the Square Enix Presents event.

Those who have the current-gen version of the game can upgrade it to the next-gen version for free. They can even transfer their saved game and continue their progress.

Next-Gen Console Version

Players of next-gen consoles can expect higher frame rates along with improved visuals. This version also makes full use of the built-in SSD of the consoles for faster streaming and loading times.

The graphics power and memory have been leveraged as well, resulting in, among others, high-resolution textures, farther draw distances for high-resolution models, improved heroics, and even better armor destruction.

There’s no question that playing the game on next-gen consoles makes you feel as if you're really a superhero.

Operation: Hawkeye

With the game now available on next-gen consoles, Clint Barton is now available on all platforms. Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect not only introduces a new playable superhero but also a new chapter in the Avengers Initiative story.

Players can likewise look forward to a new villain, which is none other than Maestro. This is a version of the Hulk that lives in the future and has the strengths and abilities of the Hulk but with the brains of Bruce Banner. Making things difficult is that the Maestro has been driven mad by events that led to an apocalyptic future.

In terms of story, it picks up after Kate Bishop’s Operation. Here players learn more about Hawkeye’s journey in finding Nick Fury, the only person Clint believes who can stop whatever it is AIM is planning. Instead, Hawkeye finds himself being transported to the future where Earth has been destroyed.

March 18 Update

Besides revealing more details during the Square Enix Presents event, Marvel’s Avengers also received a new update and it featured two main additions.

The first is the Campaign Replay, a feature long requested by many players. This allows players to replay the whole Reassemble Campaign from the start. While it does revert the data tracking campaign progress, players won’t lose any of their progression.

The second feature is the Customizable HARM Rooms. Like Campaign Replay, lots of players have been asking for this. The feature lets players customize their HARM Room to fit their needs. It can be accessed through the War Table.

Read all about what arrived with the new update here.

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