Squad: New Harju Map Added in Update v3.4

Update v3.4
Update v3.4 Twitter/@JoinSquad

Update v3.4 for the tactical first-person shooter, Squad, is now available on Steam. This patch adds the new Harju Map to the game.

The new map is set on the southern coastline of Finland. After the fighting in Narva, the opposition forces have begun raiding the various towns in the area. To halt their advance, a NATO carrier group has been deployed to give the local defense some much-needed reinforcements.

Harju contains industrial zones, lush foliage, and even urban housing, which give players a lot of places to hide from enemy fire. There’s also a watchtower that can provide the perfect vantage point for those who love sniping and killing enemies from afar.

Layers in Squad are the subdivisions of a map. That said, Harju contains the following layers:

  • AAS
    • v1: USMC / RUS
    • v2: USA / RUS
  • Invasion
    • v1: USMC / RUS
    • v2: RUS / MIL
    • v3: GB / MIL
    • v4: CAF / RUS
  • RAAS
    • v1: USMC / RUS
    • v2: GB / RUS
    • v3: USA / RUS
    • v4: CAF / RUS
    • v5: RUS / MIL
  • Skirmish
    • v1: USMC / RUS
    • v2: CAF / RUS
  • Seed
    • v1: USMC / RUS

The recent patch implements some gameplay changes as well. One of the most notable is that players will now take damage while submerged within the main base protection zone. This prevents players from staying in the water indefinitely.

Patch Notes

  • The Chat HUD now clears older messages once it has faded out so that only new ones appear when the Chat HUD reappears.
  • Adjusted the ammo cost on 40mm HE grenades for Grenadier kits to 7 ammo points (was 10).
  • Improved general water performance
  • General
    • Improved optimization of some buildings
  • Black Coast
    • Improved lighting on the USS Essex
    • Fixed an issue where the MIL main base had no logi resupply area near the beach where MIL boats spawn on Invasion v4
    • Fixed a gameplay issue with an exploitable collision on the rooftop of the Coal Tipple Building.
    • Fixed an issue where players could fall through the terrain at a certain location
  • Mestia
    • Fixed an issue with CAF main not always spawning every vehicle at the start of a round on RAAS v1
  • Skorpo
    • Fixed an issue where the Militia temporary spawn was not working at grid 010-5-4 on Invasion v4.
    • Removed CAS Helicopter from Invasion v3
    • Fixed an issue where attackers do not see the staging phase UI on Invasion v3 and Invasion v4
    • Fixed an issue with lighting where a beam of light appeared to come from the ocean on Invasion v3

The full changelog can be found here.

Squad Update v3.4 is available on PC.

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