Squad: Amphibious Assault Now Possible in Update v3.0

Update v3.0
Update v3.0 Steam

Amphibious gameplay has been introduced in the latest major patch for Squad. Update v3.0 adds a bunch of new vehicles that showcase amphibious functionality, such as the AAVP-7A1 APC, LAV-25 Armored Recon vehicle, and AAVC-7A1 Command/Logistics vehicle. Besides the new amphibious machines, existing military vehicles are now capable of crossing bodies of water up to a certain depth. The ones that are not designed for such will slow down and be flooded shortly after.

Additionally, soldier water interaction has been reworked in Update v3.0. Now, soldiers will raise their weapons above their heads to prevent the guns from being damaged underwater. Moving in deep water will not only reduce movement speed but deplete stamina based on immersion depth as well.

To help you get the hang of amphibious combat, a new training map called the Pacific Proving Grounds has been added, which features the USS Essex. After the training, you can apply what you’ve learned in the new Black Coast map.

Update v3.0 brings a lot of new things, but you can read the highlights below:

  • Fully-modeled waves, buoyancy, and water drag physics for vehicles
  • Waves become more gentle in inland waters
  • Drowning damage has been reworked and rebalanced
  • Added Amphibious Invasion layers where capturing the first flag provides a shoreside spawn point for non-amphibious vehicles
  • Added an icon to denote Amphibious capability in the driver’s HUD and Map Vehicle List
  • Iconic weapons, equipment, and tactics
  • Adds BLUFOR amphibious capability
New/Modified Weapons
  • M16A4 Full Length 5.56mm Rifle
  • M27 IAR + SDO Optic 5.56mm Rifle
  • M38 5.56 DMR
Kit Roles
  • Rifleman (3 variants)
  • Corpsman (2 variants)
  • Squad Leader (3 variants)
  • RHIB Watercraft
  • RHIB Transport
  • RHIB Logistics
  • CAF Coyote Armored Recon Vehicle
  • CAF CH-146 Transport Helicopter
  • Added nicknames on the USA M1A2 and USMC M1A1 tank barrels
  • Added Character Interaction with mud, snow, dirt, and water. These materials will now accumulate on characters’ uniforms
  • Adjusted the splash damage intensity on vehicle explosions. Vehicle explosions are now less deadly to infantry
  • USA MATV CROWS w/M240B: full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 563)
  • CAF Leopard 2 loader’s turret C6A1: full rearm cost reduced to 150 ammo points (down from 250)
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting patch install times. This will only improve install times for patches that come after v3.0 and is not a complete solution to long install times. We will continue to investigate fixes for that issue

The full patch notes can be found here.

Squad is available on PC.

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