Squad Introduces Australia as Faction and Changes to Deployables in Update 2.15

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Update 2.15 for Squad is finally available and it adds Australia as a new faction. The new update also brings several new weapons, vehicles, and map layers.

Changes to Deployables

Defensive deployable items such as Pillbox sandbags, HMG bunkers, HASCO bunkers, Indirect Fire Shelters, and HABs now have camouflage nets. This provides some degree of concealment for soldiers using deployables as cover.

Developers also added a new deployable called the fortified HASCO Observation Tower. The deployable is large and tanky and offers amazing angles for observation. Firing from such a protected position is incredible for defending players. However, it is too expensive to build and is prone to AOE weapons due to its obvious size.

Squad Update 2.15

  • Fixed an issue where players occasionally would have very thick fog after switching to a new map layer.
  • Fixed a common server crash related to SQMapMarkerManager.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with RAAS fog of war, which was unintentionally hiding lost and “double neutral” flags. Now on RAAS map layers, all flags should stay visible for members of a team at all times after they were discovered by that team. A “lock” icon will appear over a capture zone when a team cannot currently affect the flag state anymore (in a double-neutral situation). The capture progress bar will also be hidden to indicate the flag is no longer valid to capture.
  • Fixed a long-standing UI issue with the diamond-shaped flag state indicator on the map, where the indicator was incorrectly blinking even when neither team was capturing the flag, giving players an incorrect impression about the current capture situation.
  • Fixed several issues with the peripheral vision ADS Blur for infantry weapons:
  • Fixed ADS blur harsh cut transitions when toggling between ADS and hipfire. The effect now smoothly fades in and out.
  • Optimization: Blur shader no longer costs performance when not in ADS.
  • Applied subtle ADS peripheral vision blur to some remaining weapons which did not yet have it.
  • Increased intensity of peripheral vision blur when using zoom optics.
  • Fixed an issue with the minimap on all maps which support helicopters (using soft map boundary), the minimap appeared dimmer/darker than intended.

You can read more about the update here.

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