The Spring Season of Riders Republic Introduces the Longboard

Spring has arrived. Ubisoft

Season 10 of Riders Republic is finally here. Dubbed as "Spring Season," it introduces a brand-new toy which is a longboard. This is a kind of skateboard that players can use if they want to ride fast on downhill roads. It can also be used for cruising. For those who want to get their hands on this item, they have the option to get the Longboard Pack over in the in-game store. This pack comes with three unique longboards along with 10 longboard-specific events.

This being a new season, players can look forward to a progression that's composed of 20 tiers. There are also new live events available, and players can also get the Year 3 Pass. Changes have been made particularly to the Lab Center.

Lots of Events

For the duration of Season 10, there's going to be six live events, two live areas, and even a rotation of Mass Races. Each week, one live event is going to be focused on the longboard, which means players get to try this new toy for free. In addition, for every three weeks, those able to finish a Mass Race in the top three get to receive unique gear.

By the way, the relentless challenger Oni X is making a return this season and is sure to put your skills to the test.

New Pass

As mentioned, the Year 3 Pass can now be purchased in the in-game store. It comes with the Longboard Pack and a special longboard outfit. Then at Season 12, which comes out later this year, is going to introduce the mountainboard, which also brings with it a special outfit as part of the Year 3 Pass.

Lab Center

With the new season, players now have new ways to create and share their very own custom events with Lab Center. That's because it now offers additional options which are clearly more intuitive. For example, players can now tweak checkpoint by changing the shape, size, and even placement.

New upgrades have also been made to the end flow. To ensure playability, players now need to validate the event by playing it themselves. After that they can then publish it. Creators can now also rate the difficulty of their event through the "flame" system. This new system is something that other players can see.

Another interesting upgrade is that once an event is published, there's going to be six-digit event code generation. This should allow for a simpler way to share events.

Other changes are being planned for Season 11 and Season 12.

Season 10 ends June 19.

Riders Republic is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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