Splitgate: New Update Allows Party Queue in Free-for-All Modes

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Splitgate servers were taken down recently to apply an update that implements a new feature where players can team up to queue for all Free-for-All (FFA) game modes.

Developer 1047 Games said that the game will be in beta status indefinitely, but the good thing is it continually receives quite a lot of server updates and new features.

That said, the recent update would allow parties to queue up in the game’s FFA modes. Back then, only solo players could do that but party queueing would open a ton of possibilities for enjoyment.

For instance, playing a session of Gun Game with the people who you want to play with is much more fun than doing it with random players.

Keep in mind that the ability to queue in FFA modes as a party is just a test feature, which means that the developers may or may not remove it depending on how the community responds.

In addition to the new feature, the devs have also provided more server stability improvements, as well as laid down the groundwork for future updates.

Hopefully, getting a match now will be much faster than ever before.

Mixed Opinions

While there are some positive use-cases for the new test feature, the community has mixed opinions about it.

User @M3owsterChef said that allowing squads to queue in FFA modes is a mistake. They’ve cited that the game will now be full of campers who will try to rack up as many kills as they can (also known as kd farm).

In response to @M3owsterChef, the devs replied that the party queue in FFA modes is just a feature that they’re currently testing. If there are things that need to be changed, then that is what they intend to find out.

Another user said that if this feature will be a mainstay in the game, then it will just lead to people boosting their friends in all FFA game modes. They added that this will ruin the game for most people.

On a more positive note, user @EZBucketSZN stated that the feature needs to stay and that going against friends is much more fun than doing it with random people.

The developers will be looking at community feedback before deciding its fate.

But what do you think? Do you like the ability to queue up as a squad in all Free-for-All game modes in Splitgate or not?

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