Splitgate: Upcoming Shooter Delayed Due to Unexpected Popularity

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Developer 1047 Games has launched the open beta of Splitgate on July 13 , and the devs cannot believe the warm reception the game has received for two weeks.

Do you want to play a game like Halo but have a special mechanic that allows you to create portals to gain the upper hand? Well, that is basically the gist of Splitgate.

The game was originally slated for release today, July 27, but the developers have decided to push it back to August due to the sheer number of people who have downloaded and played it in the open beta.

How many people have played the game? 2 million people! This prompted the folks at 1047 Games to make improvements to its infrastructure to increase server load and capacity.

Increase Server Capacity

The massive influx of players over 14 days is pretty unexpected, according to CEO Ian Proulx.

They were blown away by the incredible reception, and because of the sudden increase in player count, they ran into a lot of technical issues that needed to be resolved.

"We've worked hard to provide a high-quality game and experience, and our biggest challenge is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community,” he said.

To cater to everyone who wants to play Splitgate , a fundraising campaign has been initiated to gain the money needed to improve the servers. A total of $10 million has been raised so far.

The swift rise in popularity means that increasing the server capacity is crucial. At one point, the game had more than 100,000 concurrent users.

New Content

Although Splitgate was originally going to be released today, the pre-release beta will run until the official launch sometime in August.

On Twitter, devs tweeted that the servers are not going online at midnight to make room for a content update, which will be released tomorrow afternoon.

The update will add new customization options and new maps for players to enjoy. The tweet stated that the devs are just waiting for the final approval on all three platforms.

Speaking of platforms, the game can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/C, and PC.

For a small company to pull this off, this is probably one of the biggest success stories in recent history.

So, have you tried Splitgate already? If so, how was your experience?

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