Splinter Cell Animated Series Is Headed To Netflix

Splinter Cell Animated Series
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While fans are hoping and waiting for the return of Splinter Cell games, it has been announced that we might soon be getting a Netflix animated series instead. The Splinter Cell animated series is written by the writer of John Wick, Derek Kolstad.

According to Variety, Kolstad is not only the writer for the animated series, but he will also be the executive producer. Ubisoft is currently planning to release 16 episodes for the series, which will be split into two seasons. Needless to say, the series will be exclusive to Netflix.

Splinter Cell as a franchise hasn't made much noise since 2013 when Ubisoft released Blacklist. Nevertheless, there have been many rumors regarding the development of a new Splinter Cell game, but nobody thought the franchise would be making a return as an animated TV series. Recently, Sam Fisher's Italian voice actor, Luca Ward, revealed his involvement in a Splinter Cell project, a "conclusive episode" for the series. Ward said that the current pandemic has forced the company to push the sequel to 2021. Ward assured that he is "sure that Splinter Cell will return," however, Ubisoft hasn't uttered a word until now regarding any upcoming games.

It is interesting to see that Ubisoft is still interested in keeping the series alive in some form. Ubisoft has also used its game properties to create other media like the Assassin's Creed movie, which was the studio's first movie. However, with Splinter Cell, the studio will be stepping into a whole new domain. It'll be quite interesting to see how it all plays out.

On a similar note, Netflix already has many animated series' that are based on video games. Castlevania is one of the most popular Netflix series. Last month, CD Projekt Red also announced that the company is working on a Cyberpunk: Edgerunner animated series, which will release in 2022. Also, Dragon's Dogma is getting a Netflix animated series in September.

We should hear about the Splinter Cell animated show more going forward, and as soon as we learn something new, we'll certainly let you know.

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