Splatoon 3: What to Know About the Different Modes

Enjoy these modes.
Enjoy these modes. Nintendo

Nintendo released a Splatoon 3 Direct video presentation which offered a deep dive into the game. It revealed a lot, but today, we’ll just look into the three main modes.

Before we take a peek at those game modes, pre-orders for the game are now available. There are also some events that fans can enjoy before the official launch. Read more about them here.

New Story Mode

One of the new modes that players can enjoy is the new Story Mode. This is especially good for those who want to get the hang of battles and weapons. It also sets players on an adventure to learn more about the Alterna, the Fuzzy Ooze, and how it connects to the Return of the Mammalians.

Players take on the role of Agent, the newest recruit of the New Squidbeak Splatoon. They will fight against the Octarian Army, whose members are, for some reason, covered in hair. Overall, players can explore the many stages, with each offering twists and turns.

The Turf War

In a place known as Splatsville, it’s not surprising to learn that for the locals, their favorite pastime is Turf War. In this one, two teams of four compete to ink the most turf on the map within three minutes.

There are new techniques introduced in this mode. The Squid Surge allows players to swim up walls in a single burst; the Squid Roll lets players jump out of inks while turning around. When the player characters glow while executing this move, it also repels ink from opponents.

The Salmon Run Returns

Veteran players should be happy to know that the Salmon Run mode is returning to the game. Here, up to four players need to work together and collect Power Eggs from the Salmonids advancing on them. Unlike before, Salmon Run can now be played at any time.

Players encounter ferocious creatures known as Boss Salmonids, which include the new Slammin’ Lid and the Big Shot. Players also need to keep an eye out for the new King Salmonid super-giant Salmonid called Cohozuna. When fighting against a King Salmonid, the tank on players’ backs transforms into an Egg Cannon. Collect the Golden Eggs and deal massive damage to the King Salmonid.

Tableturf Battle

The Tableturf Battle Dojo is a new mode and a spin-off of Turf War. It’s a 1v1 competitive card battle where players can ink various shapes with different cards, charge up power, then unleash it all at once with a special comeback attack. There are more than 150 cards to collect.

In addition to the modes, there are also new weapons that you can read here. Splatoon 3 is coming out on September 9 on Nintendo Switch.

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