Spirit of the Island: "Now Hiring" Update Now Available

Now Hiring Update
Now Hiring Update Steam

The Now Hiring Update for the 3D farming simulator Spirit of the Island is now live. This is a two-part update with the first one introducing the new Staff system and bug fixes. The second one will feature house upgrades and decorations, slated to be released in a future patch.

New Content

Staff System
Staff System Steam

One of the major additions in the Now Hiring Update for Spirit of the Island is the Staff System. Players can now hire housekeepers and sellers by using contracts on tourists. Players can create contracts by building an Office Table, while they can manage staff roles with the newly added Finance window.

Finance Window
Finance Window Steam

Players can also construct a new building called the Silo, which allows them to store animal food for their workers. It is worth noting that once the animal feed is placed inside the Silo (even if it was done accidentally), players can no longer take them out.

Patch Notes

  • Added brand new Rich Tourists: They look bigger and more fancy plus their pockets are full of coins
  • Added transparency effects to the player's model: Now you can see yourself behind various objects
  • Red, Purple, and Orange Mushrooms and also Bee Hives, Fruit Bushes, and different valuable Rocks can respawn on a wider selection of islands now
  • Now items will drop from Shops if you break them down
  • Increased number of tourists who visit your island on a daily basis, but it will still depend on your player level
  • Pressing "F1" will now show the debug console. This is to improve our bug reporting
  • Fixed a bug, where you could fish with a broken fishing rod
  • Fixed fruit trees changing their colors way too much in Fall
  • Fixed many pathfinding issues with tourists. They won't mindlessly wander away now
  • Fixed a bug when tourists started ignoring your shops after a certain amount of days has passed in the game
  • Fixed NPC chat resetting in every new season
  • Fixed a bug where tourists would get stuck in the shop in multiplayer, making you unable to use it
  • Now tea works properly and makes you feel good and refreshed, instead of making you tired
  • UI icons won't glitch out now
  • Sailing now uses the correct amount of fuel
  • Fixed a bug, when your bike wasn't moving with your garage
  • Lots of localization fixes
  • Fixed pirate collision models
  • Fixed wood chopping sounds

Spirit of the Island Now Hiring Update is available on PC.

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