Spider-Man Remastered Will Allow PS4 To PS5 Save Game Transfer

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Back when Insomniac Games confirmed that Spider-Man would be getting remastered for the PS5, fans had tons of questions regarding the remaster. One of the many questions that fans had for the developer was about PS4 to PS5 save transfers. At that time, the developer stated that Spider-Man: Remastered would not support save transfering, leaving many fans annoyed with the developer's decision.

Marvel's Spider-Man takes about 25+ hours to beat the game's campaign and 30+ hours to fully complete the game. Naturally, fans who had completed the game were expecting their saves to be carried forward to the PS5, where they could start their new game plus journey. This led Insomniac Games to receive serious backlash from fans who were eagerly hoping otherwise.

However, it now seems that all the backlash from fans wasn't in vain after all. Earlier today, Insomniac Games shared a Twitter post confirming that Spider-Man Remastered will support PS4 to PS5 save transfer. According to the tweet, PS4 to PS5 save transfer will not be available at the game's launch, but fans will have to wait for an update for the PS4 version of the game, which is expected to release sometime around Thanksgiving.

In addition to making save transfers possible, the update will also add three new Spider-Man suits from the remastered version of the game. It's quite exciting to see that the developer has listened what fans wanted and gave them exactly that. However, the same cannot be said for Peter Parker's face change in the remaster, which has also resulted in a distaste among fans.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is launching on November 12 for the PlayStation 5. The game comes bundled with Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, and there's no way to buy the remaster separately.

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