SpaceBourne 2: Galaxy Trading System Now Active in Update v1.7.0

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SpaceBourne 2 is the sequel to the open-universe and third-person shooter game SpaceBourne developed by Burak Dabak. Your main goal in this game is to establish a space empire. You won’t get bored here because the game has plenty to offer, including a rich diplomacy system, role-playing, crafting, mining, deep space exploration, and trading, among other things.

Just recently, SpaceBourne 2 received Update v1.7.0 which features the opening of the Galaxy Trading System. Basically, this system allows you to trade goods, such as water, fuel, weapons, medicine, luxury items, and robotics for Ty, the game’s in-game currency. This can be accessed via Galaxy Web > Galaxy Trade.

A convenient feature has also been added in Update v1.7.0. You can now request for docking when you’re near a space station just by pressing CTRL + H. This is pretty handy since you no longer have to manually click on the station to do the same thing!


  • Trade ships have been added to the game as a new ship class.
  • 4 new Galaxy Trade ships have been added to the game.
  • Trade Hubs have been revamped and are now active. Players can now trade from trade hubs.
  • Complexes are now active. Players can buy trade goods below Galaxy prices from complexes.
  • Capital ship weapons have been upgraded. Automatic turrets now fire lasers, making them more effective against fighter-class ships.
  • When requesting docking consecutively, the docking points overlap each other
  • After creating a Faction, all the emails in my inbox got deleted and I can't receive new ones
  • I'm stuck in the hangar interface and can't leave or save
  • The "Rebirth" pilot talent is triggered and remains active indefinitely, making the player invincible
  • The items in my bank get deleted when I save/load
  • Leaving a system quickly after a Faction raid prevents the player from taking ownership
  • The Faction Treasury value displayed on the Capital Station is incorrect
  • I can't assign generals to raids or station defense, but I can assign them to station capture operations
  • I can build the same station repeatedly in the same system
  • After enabling the Faction system and saving and exiting the game, the Faction soldiers disappear upon loading the save
  • If I exit the game during a meeting on the main station, everything related to the Faction and main missions resets (Guild missions remain)
  • Capital ship weapons and perks can't target enemy drones
  • I can buy ships cheaply and sell them at a higher price in the same station
  • The invincible ship perk can only be used once and gets stuck on cooldown, potentially leaving the player invincible
  • In some Mining Guild stations, the ship markets are empty.
  • A Capture Raid can't be started immediately after finishing a Faction Operation on the last station in a system

While a ton of new content and features have been added in Update v1.7.0, the company stated that its putting new major features on the back burner for now. Its main goal is to focus on improving existing features, as well as fixing bugs, especially those reported by the community.

SpaceBourne 2 Update v1.7.0 is now available on PC.

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