SpaceBourne 1.0.7 Patch Notes: Save System Changes, Bug Fixes

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Burak Dabak, the developer of open space exploration game SpaceBourne, has introduced some changes to the save system and some general bug fixes in update 1.0.7. More information on how game saves will work is given below. Some bugs such as flying ships getting stuck on other ships when they collide and mission difficulty issues are fixed.

SpaceBourne 1.0.7 Patch Notes:

You can find the patch notes below:

• Save system has been changed (It will not affect old save files), with the new system The hierarchy between automatic save and manually save is changed based on date. Now the resume/ Continue game options will not only load autosave but also manual saves base on computer date.

Note-1: You need to create new save files to use that feature.

Note-2: With the next update, the total save slots will be limited to 12. Therefore, if you have more than 12 save files, please delete the extra slots to avoid losing game progress.

The following bugs are fixed:

• Crafted Shield rechargers only repair ship armor doesn’t charge the shield

• invert ShipY Axis doesn’t work at "Gamepad-2" preset

• When talking to Merani (At miner family mission) there is no way to choose "2. Any rewards", dialog only 1. and 3. works.

• The difficulty selected when starting a new story mode game does not fit the difficulty shown in the General Settings menu.

• In DW20, trying to warp to the XK17 gate instead takes you to the DW21 gate. Both map pointers for XK17 and DW21 point at the same gate.

• At “Xan Mission” when my ship is on the planet I can't control my ship.

• Some ship models duplicated at ship markets.

• Fly type ships get stuck on my ship when we collide.

Note: Since some feedback and reports submitted this week will take time to be added to the game, we will add them to the next major update. During this period, we gave priority to this 1.0.7, which fixes some bugs so that the players have better gaming experience. Thank you for your understanding.

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