Southpaw Regional Wrestling: Who’s Who In WWE’s Comedy Special

john cena Southpaw Regional Wrestling
Southpaw Regional Wrestling is WWE's newest comedy show. WWE

The WWE teased earlier in the week that they will be showing a new comedy special on the WWE Network and its YouTube channel called Southpaw Regional Wrestling. The first four episodes have been uploaded and it’s original and a laugh out loud riot.

If you’re a fan of the WWE or wrestling then you should definitely watch the four short episodes but many are wondering who exactly is playing who in Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Well, we’ve done some digging and (minor) investigative work to determine which WWE Superstars play which SPW personality so check it out below and be sure to watch all four episodes of Southpaw Regional Wrestling on the WWE YouTube channel.

cena fandango southpaw regional wrestling
Fandango as Chett Chetterfield and John Cena as Lance Catamaran Photo: WWE

John Cena as Lance Catamaran

Fandango as Chett Chetterfield

The commentary team of Lance Catamaran and Chett Chetterfield are the first personalities we see in Southpaw Regional Wrestling and they are the ones who bring us the latest happenings in SPW heading into the Lethal Leap Year event.

While Catamaran, who was on top of the world working Utica for six weeks or 36 days, takes his job seriously Chetterfield is the complete opposite who would rather drink his life away to forget his estranged wife.

gallows anderson southpaw regional wrestling
Karl Anderson as Chad 2 Badd and Luke Gallows as Tex Ferguson. Photo: WWE

Luke Gallows as Tex Ferguson

Karl Anderson as Chad 2 Badd

The first big feud introduced from Southpaw Regional Wrestling. It seems that Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd came into the company as friends/amigos/hermanos but Ferguson’s purchase of a new car has torn the two friends apart.

Chad 2 Badd is backed by a ton of family that continually put the hurt on Ferguson before their match at Lethal Leap Year.

bobski tj perkins southpaw regional wrestling
TJ Perkins as John Johnson, Chris Jericho as Clint Bobski and John Cone as Chip Henderson. Photo: WWE

Chris Jericho as Clint Bobski

TJ Perkins as John Johnson

Chris Cone as Chip Henderson

In-field correspondent, Clint Bobski is the guy you want to get the dirt on your favorite wrestlers. He’s seen backstage with the rather bland SPW Champion John Johnson and referee Chip Henderson (played by actual WWE referee Chris Cone) and on the farm talking with Big Bart.

ric flair southpaw regional wrestling
Ric Flair impersonator Photo: WWE

Ric Flair as Ric Flair Paid Impersonator

If you’re hankering for some golden chicken, then KFC’s new Georgia Gold honey mustard bbq chicken is for you. Why? Because the paid Ric Flair impersonator says so because SPW can’t afford the real Ric Flair.

But this impersonator is pretty good, right?

pelvis southpaw regional wrestling
Heath Slater as Impressive Pelvis Wesley Photo: WWE

Heath Slater as Impressive Pelvis Wesley

SPW has its own merchandise, too and Impressive Pelvis Wesley is here to shill it for the viewers. His thrusting is mesmerizing but don’t stand too close.

Also, those SPW shirts are actually being sold on the WWE Shop soon.

bigbart joy southpaw regional wrestling
Rusev as Big Bart and Lana as Christian Joy Photo: WWE

Rusev as Big Bartholomew

Lana as Christian Joy

Big Bartholomew is the gentle giant from the south who had his farm taken away by The Banker and he looks to get it back at Lethal Leap Year. With his wife (cousin?) Christian Joy, who may or may not be crazy, by his side Big Bart looks to exact his revenge against Mr. Mackelroy.

banker sea creature southpaw regional wrestling
The mysterious Sea Creature and Tyler Breeze as The Banker Photo: WWE

Tyler Breeze as Mr. Mackelroy The Banker  

?? as The Sea Creature

Mr. Mackelroy The Banker is in one of the hottest feuds in SPW and he’ll lose all his banking skills to keep Big Bart’s farm and his first act was to trick Big Bart into a fight with the Sea Creature.

Does Big Bart have a chance against the monster from the deep? Who is the Sea Creature? Many believe it’s actually Cesaro but who knows! Hopefully we’ll find out at Lethal Leap Year.

surfer dudes southpaw regional wrestling
The Ascension as the Surfer Dudes with Attitudes Photo: WWE

The Ascension as The Surf Dudes with Attitudes

The Surf Dudes with Attitudes are a tag duo who look to take the SPW by storm...or by wave. These are not your typical beach boys, they like to high five and hang ten.

la barba grande southpaw regional wrestling
Who is La Barba Grande? It's probably Luke Harper. Photo: WWE

Luke Harper as La Barba Grande  

Outside of the Sea Creature, La Barba Grande is the most mysterious wrestler in SPW. His lucha skills, massive hairy physique will make his inclusion in the Lethal Leap Year Battle Royale something to behold.

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