Soulstone Survivors: Useful Features for Path of Ascension

Hotfix v0.10.033j Game Smithing Limited

Developer Game Smithing Limited launched Hotfix v0.10.033j for Soulstone Survivors which included a ton of quality-of-life improvements. One of those allows players to override auto-aim.

The company introduced the new auto-aim mechanic in the Path of Ascension update for Soulstone Survivors. When enabled, all skills that normally need to be aimed at are automatically fired at the nearest enemy. While this is a handy feature, some players have been asking for a way to aim skills manually even with auto-aim turned on.

Thankfully, the company did not hesitate to address that! In Hotfix v0.10.033j, players can now override auto-aim by holding the right mouse button or right analog stick for those who are using controllers.

In terms of balancing, the Hound Master's dogs now properly scale with the character's stats, weapon stats, runes, skill tree progression, and curse intensity. This makes the Hound Master a more viable class to play in the game.

Patch Notes

  • Added tooltips to the Skill Tree to give a little bit more information about the new functionalities
  • Fixed an issue where the Hound Master's Hound's Feast would grant twice the bonus it should grant
  • Synergy power-ups can now be officially picked up multiple times
  • Multiple new sound effects for enemies
  • Increased the following range of Fiery Blades, so they have more autonomy to attack enemies further away before they come back to you
  • Rune's Unwavering Persistence now recovers 10 health every 5 seconds, up from 5
  • Rune's Unwavering Persistence no longer accumulates healing over time, working as intended
  • Rune Healing Flow now recovers 15 health for every 100 enemies killed, up from 10
  • Imminent Wisdom (Spellblade's Riftwalker power) now also affects summoned units
  • Fixed an issue where the Spellblade's skill tree would be unlocked earlier than it should be
  • Fixed an issue where it would be possible to craft a weapon without materials
  • Fixed issue where Exorcism would not be able to critically heal the caster
  • The Cupid in the Whispering Grove is no longer targetable by summoned units
  • Fixed multiple issues related to the navigation with a controller in the skill tree and across the menus, where the game could lose focus of which object was selected
  • Fixed the Paladin's skill tree shared node that increased healing received from crystals to work as intended
  • Fixed an issue where summoned units would incorrectly gain massive damage and health bonuses when you picked up upgrades for their skills
  • Fixed an issue where Noxious Shot could fire sub-projectiles without limit, causing a major performance impact
  • Fixed an issue where Bolt Barrage would not appear as an option when using the Singular Focus rune
  • Fixed issue where the tooltip for the Hunger mechanic was not showing the correct values after some skill tree progression

Soulstone Survivors Hotfix v0.10.033j is available on PC.

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