Sony Will Use Air Freights To Ship And Meet PS5 Customer Demands


With the PlayStation 5 a few months away from release, fans are expecting a ton of new information such as the console's price, pre-orders, and exclusive launch games. Some of these questions may get answered during Sony's upcoming PlayStation showcase on September 16. Many fans are hoping that it is at this event when the company will finally reveal the price and launch date for the PS5.

Sony has previously assured fans that the PS5 will launch during the holiday season, despite the difficulties the company is facing due to the ongoing pandemic. According to a recent report, Sony is already planning to sell large quantities of PS5 consoles in the United States. Additionally, reputed analyst Daniel Ahmad stated on Twitter that Sony will be using air freights to meet PS5 demand in the US. The company has booked over 60 flights from October to ship the consoles to retailers. The supply is expected to last throughout the quarter.

Since Microsoft has finally revealed the price and launch date for the Xbox Series X/S, fans are now waiting for Sony to make a similar announcement and to see where the competition stands.

Nonetheless, the upcoming Sony event on September 16 should reveal additional information regarding the console and upcoming games.

Although people are excited for both the upcoming consoles, the reveal of PS5's price and launch date will help them make an informed decision on what console they should go with. However, recent rumors suggest that Sony slashed the pricing on the PS5 to keep it in line with the Xbox Series X's price. Nothing can be said for sure unless an official statement from Sony arrives.

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