Solo: A Star Wars Story Teaser To Debut At Super Bowl

What? Why? LucasFilm

Are you excited about the Super Bowl? No? Well, get excited because a teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story drops tonight! That’s right. There’s been a lot of trepidation that surrounds this movie no one asked for, but we will finally get a teaser four months ahead of its release date and a full trailer is slated to air on Good Morning America the following day. Do you think we’ll see the Millenium Falcon?

What’s the Kessel Run? How did Han Solo meet Chewbacca? Where did Han get his vest? His blaster? Who cuts his hair? Does Chewbacca have a dick? So many questions I don’t have.

I guarantee whatever footage we get tonight will not quell your hesitation, friends. I won’t take my first sigh of relief until the credits roll on May 25.

A bad Star Wars film doesn't mean the prequel era is back. It’s important not to panic about these kinds of things—every great franchise has an Iron Man 2 or two. From where I sit, the Star Wars franchise is on the right track. The worst showing so far in the new Star Wars films is Rogue One, and it is still a great deal better than most blockbusters of today. The Force Awakens was a solid lead-in, Star Wars: Rebels is kicking ass and I liked The Last Jedi quite a bit. Sorry!

I don’t need the Han Solo prequel film to be transformative.

We’ll see. Stay tuned tonight and keep a look out for the teaser.

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