Solo Leveling: ARISE Introduces Original Hunter Alicia Blanche in First Update

Solo Leveling First Update
Things are about to get chilly. Netmarble

It hasn't been long since Netmarble released Solo Leveling: ARISE and everyone started going on an adventure with Sung Jinwoo. Players should be happy to know that the game had its first ever update which introduces a new original hunter.

Get ready to meet Alicia Blanche. This cold-hearted SSR character is all about making use of different ice-related skills. Her "Winter Storm" skill for example allows here to summon a whirlwind of cold air to attack enemies. Then there's "Ice Needle" which creates and then explodes massive ice terrain. Finally, her ultimate skill is known as "Absolute Zero" which lets her release a strong blast of cold particles which then freezes and eliminates enemies that are in her path.

Enter the New Battlefield

This new update also introduces players to the new Battlefield of Chaos. It features five battlegrounds and offers various battle environments each day. There's also a series of random boss encounters where players get to earn Gems once they manage to defeat them. Gems are new rewards which give stats that can be applied to Sung Jinwoo, Hunters, and even shadows when equipped in slots.

Other New Stuff

Players should be happy to know that they also get to equip new weapons and it's none other than Sung Jinwoo's very own SSR water type weapon "Skadi." In addition, there are also new skins particular the "Ice Queen" for Alicia Blanche and "Minig Work Clothes" for Sung Jinwoo.

There are also new original stories that everyone can enjoy. One focuses on Alicia Blanche while another is about Park Heejin.

In-Game Event

In celebration of the game's first ever update, hunters around the world can now enjoy various events. The Capsule Draw Event for example gives players the chance to get their hands on "The Witch of the Snowstorm," Alicia Blanche's exclusive SSR weapon. This event runs until June 19.

Other events include a Rate Up Draw Ticket and [Event] Alicia Blanche's Weapon Design, to name a few.

By the way, based on the number of points earned from the Cold-Blooded Ice Queen! Alicia Blanche Growth Tournament, players get the chance to win, among others, SSR "The Witch of the Snowstorm," Weapon Enhancement Gear II, Rare Rune Chest, Skill Scroll III, and Golds.

Solo Leveling: ARISE is an action game adaptation of the hit Webtoon Solo Leveling. It's available on mobile through Google Play and the App Store. A version for the PC is currently in the works.

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