Solo Leveling: ARISE Celebrates Special Anniversary with Limited-Time Events

Solo Leveling 50 Anniv
Join the celebration. Netmarble

It was back in May when players started their new adventure with the release of Solo Leveling: ARISE. Since then, there's been two updates which introduced original heroes. Last week the game celebrated its 50th day anniversary and that means limited-time events for everyone to enjoy.

The two main events are:

  • 50th Day Celebration! 14-Day Check-In Gift Event (June 27 to July 31)
    • Claim daily rewards by simply logging into the game for 14 days during the event period.
    • The daily check-in rewards include an exclusive weapon for Seo Jiwoo (SSR Unparalleled Bravery), Seo Jiwoo's costume (Seaside Spirit), and Custom Draw Tickets, to name a few.
  • 50th Day Celebration! Collection Event (June 26 to July 10)
    • Clear Gates, Encore Missions, and Instance Dungeons to earn 50th Day Celebration Coins.
    • These coins can be exchanged for SSR Seo Jiwoo, SSR Unparalleled Bravery, and Custom Draw Tickets among other items.

Additional Events

That's not all since there are two extra events which are offering special rewards. These events are now live and set to run until July 10. The events are:

  • Pit-a-Pat Treasure Hunt Event
    • Complete different in-game missions and obtain [Treasure Hunt] Event Tickets.
    • Use the Event Tickets to uncover hidden rewards like the Skill Rune Premium Chest on the Treasure Hunt board.
    • Additional rewards, including Heroic Rune Chests, are available for users based on the accumulated Treasure Hunt Board counts.
  • Proof of Illusion Lee Bora Rate Up Draw Event
    • Participate in the rate up draw for Lee Bora located in the rate up tab within the Lobby's draw menu.

New Content

In addition to the launch of limited-time events, there are also a lot of new content updates. For example, the effects for certain Blessing of Brilliant Light that appear in substages have been increased. In addition, players can also experience the Legendary Blessing effects more frequently.

Meanwhile, the drop rate and quantity of obtainable Artifacts when clearing main stages have also been increased.


Netmarble revealed new information regarding the roadmap for the second half of this year. One of these is the the Grand Summer Festival and along with the addition of another game original which are Shadows. Players should also look forward to the debut of Original Hunters like Goto Ryuji and Go Gunhee.

Solo Leveling: ARISE is an action game adaptation of the hit Webtoon Solo Leveling. It's available on mobile through Google Play and the App Store. A version for the PC is currently in the works.

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