Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.53 Now Live

Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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Everything seemed fine with Patch 1.3.53 beta for the tactical RPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister. That’s because the update is now available on the live servers. Aside from the party stash in Caer Hyfryd, what are the other significant changes in this update? It mostly contained bug fixes more than anything.

The developers added a warning system to tell you when a player with mods joins your multiplayer lobby. Apparently, some mods did not work well with Solasta: Crown of the Magister, which caused most desync errors. You can still use and enjoy mods in the game, though it is best not to use them in multiplayer.

Additionally, Patch 1.3.53 implemented a ton of bug fixes. For instance, the issue where the exit area in Caer Hyfryd sometimes does not appear even after you complete all of the available quests in the city has been resolved. Furthermore, the game-breaking bug that allowed you to use a ladder in the Magic Research Complex while in battle to change location has been fixed.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed the Reconnaissance quest (Mask faction) not being completable if the Meeting the Rebellion quest (Forge faction) was completed beforehand
  • Fixed The Last Endeavor quest failing upon starting a fight with Sitenero
  • Fixed Orenetis not giving his scepter to the party after completing the Major Gate quest
  • Fixed the Primal Threat quest (Rebellion faction) being blocked if you left Dinas Gessa before talking to Ellaria. She's ready to talk to you again
  • Fixed Ellaria being in the entrance of Rebellion's Headquarters instead of properly guarding the magic barrier during the Primal Threat quest (Rebellion faction)
  • The doors in Wizard's Lair can now be opened or closed manually by clicking on them after being opened once
  • Fixed the endgame cutscene sometimes not displaying the correct banner in the throne room
  • Fixed Life Drain not working properly
  • Fixed Custom Campaigns being tagged as "Steam Workshop" for their creator (and thus become impossible to edit) after being played in Multiplayer
  • Fixed casting Fly or Levitate on a prone character keeping them permanently prone while in the air
  • Fixed canceling Wild Shape while under the effect of Levitate breaking the game
  • Fixed Elusive Target lasting one more round than intended
  • Fixed Aura of Righteousness not applying its bonus to magical attacks
  • Fixed not being able to enter the area covered by Vengeful Spirit

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Patch 1.3.53 is now available on PC.

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