Solasta: Crown of the Magister Lost Valley DLC Now Available

Lost Valley DLC
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A new DLC is now available for the tactical RPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Lost Valley brings new content, features, and improvements.

The Lost Valley DLC comes with a new non-linear campaign with multiple possible endings. The endings will be determined by which faction you choose to side with. There are new environments to explore, new enemies to vanquish, and tons of new content to unravel. Furthermore, there are nine new subclasses to choose from and they are:

  • Commander (Fighter)
  • Hoodlum (Rogue)
  • Oath of Judgment (Paladin)
  • Mischief Domain (Cleric)
  • Court Mage (Wizard)
  • Swift Blade (Ranger)
  • Haunted Soul (Sorcerer)
  • Path of the Claw (Barbarian)
  • Circle of Balance (Druid)

There’s also a free update available for everyone who owns the base game, which introduces the new online multiplayer co-op mode. With this new feature, up to four people can enjoy and tackle the campaign and even some custom ones made using the Dungeon Maker. The good thing about this co-op mode is that all content is synced with the host, meaning that if any player does not have the DLC yet (but the host does), they can still join the host and will have access to the new content as well.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Lost Valley DLC is available for $12.99.

Update Highlights

  • Spellcasting Chants: Your spellcasters are no longer mute when casting spells, and we’ve added an additional spellcasting animation to boot! (you can turn off chants in the options menu)
  • Crafting Feats: Tired of having to pick specific background in order to craft potions and magic items? We’ve added two feats to solve that problem
  • Surprise System Overhaul: Now more faithful to the tabletop rules with individual perception checks for each surprised enemy, making fights more even
  • Random Encounter Update: Instead of surprising or being surprised, random encounters will now often be fought more evenly with both parties aware of each other
  • [Quest] Added a Quest Editor. Add quests to your Custom Campaigns to give players specific objectives and reward them with experience and items
  • [Loot Table] Added a Loot Table Editor. Create your own loot tables for chests and monsters to control what the players get
  • [Weapon] You can now fully customize weapons with additional damage dice, damage types, saving throws, and even conditions
  • Added Conjure Fey to the list of available spells
  • Damage shared between the Druid and their Kindred Spirit is now shown in the combat log. Now you will no longer wonder when you lost all that health without ever being hit
  • Arrows and other projectiles are now automatically stacked when opening loot bags
  • High-level casters will now prioritize using their more powerful AoE spells first, and cantrips usage priority has been lowered. Lower level casters will also do that if Deadly AI is activated

Solasta: Crown of the Magic Lost Valley DLC is available on PC.

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