Soccer Story Officially Announced for Consoles and PC, Due Out Later This 2022

Will also be arriving on Xbox Game Pass.
soccer story
Soccer Story has been officially announced for a 2022 release window across consoles and PC. Sign-ups for the beta test on PC are now also available. No More Robots

Publisher No More Robots and developer PanicBarn announced a 2022 release window for Soccer Story, a unique open-world RPG that blends puzzle solving and comedy about a magical soccer ball. Soccer Story is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, Google Stadia, and the Xbox Game Pass service. The release window announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which you can check out below to learn more about Soccer Story.

Soccer Story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of sorts, but instead of finding yourself on ruined earth filled with mutated monsters or dangerous scavengers, you find that soccer (football for our friends in Europe) has been all but erased across the entire planet. This is due to an event called The Calamity; following its arrival, a corporation known as Soccer, Inc. has made sure that nobody in this world will be able to kick a soccer ball ever again.

However, despite this extremely unlikely yet depressing scenario, a magical soccer ball has chosen you to be the Savior of Soccer and bring the beloved game back to its audiences across the world. This is where your journey begins in Soccer Story, a physics-driven adventure RPG where every single obstacle can be solved with your magical soccer ball. Along the way, you’ll face different challenges, such as 1v1s versus hooligans and competing in different sports using your soccer ball.

Soccer Story pits you in a world fraught with some of the most dangerous soccer opponents, such as sharks, toddlers, old-age pensioners, and even ninjas. You can use the soccer ball in and out of these games to explore the world, with many mysteries and secrets to uncover. That said, there’s also a fair bit of fun with friends as Soccer Story also features a four-player local multiplayer mode, which pits you and your friends against teams, stadiums, and accompanying animal captains.

A PC beta sign-up is also now available for Soccer Story , and you can sign up here.

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