SNEG Brings Back Three 90s Shooters on Steam and GOG

Which one would you go for? SNEG

Publisher SNEG is giving players around the world another chance to play three classics. Take No Prisoners, CyClones, and Necrodome are again available on Steam and GOG. Even better, players can buy them at a 20% launch discount. The three games were developed by Raven Software and released back in the 90s by SSI and Mindscape.

That said, let's look at these three games.

Back to Killing

In Take No Prisoners, players take on the role of Slade. Before the nuclear war, he was a Special Ops commando. While killing has never been his first choice, Slade was really good at it, and now, it's time to kill once again.

It's not going to be easy since the road to salvation, the Dome, is littered with corpses of those looking to learn the life-giving secrets. The thing is no one has access to the technology which can breach the Dome. However, each Zoner group has a piece of the answer. So, you need to get the information from them.

Meet Them Head-on

The cybernetic clones are deadly creations of an alien race that wants nothing more than to conquer Earth. Making things worse is that CyClones are in fact humans which have been captured and transformed into these flesh-steel monstrosities. Players take on the role of one of Earth's defenders and jump into the action armed to the teeth with hi-tech weaponry.

What made this game a hit back in the day were its cool features, including cinematics, digitized voices, breathtaking music, sizzling sound effects, and full motion videos. It also offered smooth-scrolling along with head-on perspective which puts players right in the middle of the action.

Race for Your Life

In the fight for your life, there's no such thing as second place. Necrodome is set in the future where racing is now a deadly bloodsport and the only prize is staying alive. The game puts players behind the wheel of a powerful armored vehicle full of hi-tech weapons. There are 30 arenas to fight in and players have to keep winning to make it to the Necrodome.

For those who think that this is just the typical boring race game, they'd be wrong. That's because the game is all about survival and players have to drive around and blast anything that moves. This may be an old-school 3D real-time shooter but at the time, it offered a "super-realistic" environment.

Which title are you going to try first?

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