Snake Vs. Block Tips, Tricks And Cheats: Increase Your High Score With These Strategies

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Snake Vs. Block (aka Balls vs Bricks) has been on the iOS and Android app stores for just over a month, but has managed to remain one of the top performers for the entire time its been available. While the game design itself is just about as simple as it can be, mastering it certainly is not. Like a mix between and endless runner and styled games, players have the goal of collecting balls to form an ever-lengthening snake and then crashing into colored blocks to score point. But watch out! If you snake doesn’t have enough segments to take out an entire block, your game ends and you are back to square one.

If you’ve started playing Snake vs. Block and can’t seem to increase your high score, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks we’ve learned to help you stay alive longer and increase your scores. Check them out below or share some of your own in the comments below.

Snake vs. Block Tips, Tricks And Cheats For Raising Your High Score


Balls Trump Bricks

Ok, so in Snake vs. Block you are always doing one of two things: picking up balls or losing balls. I would say above everything else, prioritize picking up balls. In various places on the screen, you’ll see groups of balls you can pick up by crashing into them. Grab as many of these as you can. There will always be way more bricks to run into than balls to pick up, so make picking up balls your number one mission.

Go For The Lowest Brick Numbers

Inevitably you will have to run into some bricks as they are all over the place and this is the only way to score points.  If you find yourself at a point where you have to hit a block, swerve towards the lowest numbered block you can find. This will preserve the life of your snake.

Don’t Be Afraid To Swerve A Lot

If you find you’ve swerved into a block with a much larger number than your snake has, don’t worry. All is not lost. You can actually still swerve even if you crashed into a big brick. Just look for a place where there’s a lower valued cube and swerve in that direction. You’ll still the get points spent on the larger block and you’ll have a better chance of saving your life.

Avoid Walled Spaces

When you are swerving for your life, it can be difficult to anticipate the barrier that might be ahead, but as much as possible, avoid going into spaces that have white walls on both sides. If you end up in one of those and the brick value is too high, it’s game over, dude.

Avoid Straddling Two Blocks At Once

Occasionally, you’ll be aiming for a particular block, but find your snake straddles two. Try to swerve closer to your intended brick right away, otherwise you’re spending twice as many balls in one go and you’re life can slip away before you know it.

Got more great Snake vs Block tips and tricks for increasing high scores? Share with us in the comments below!

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