SMITE: Update 9.9 Brings Massive Changes to Conquest

Update 9.9
Update 9.9 Twitter/@SMITEGame

Update 9.9 for SMITE, also known as the Volcanic Chaos Update, is now available on all platforms. One of the highlights of this patch is the changes made to the Conquest map.

Conquest is a game mode in SMITE that has similar mechanics to other popular MOBA games. Each team has a base on either side of the map, a jungle located at the center with neutral monster camps, and three lanes where minions will spawn as the match progresses.

The map used in Conquest originally had a Greek, Mesopotamian, and Arthurian theme. But in the Volcanic Chaos Update, it now has a Polynesian motif. Once you’ve updated your game client, play a match in Conquest and you’ll find that the Fire Giant’s area has been reworked into a Polynesian-themed volcano.

Aside from the visual changes, Gold Fury is added back to the pool of Furies that can spawn in the said game mode. Also, Gold Fury now awards Erinyes’ Vengeance buff when slain. This is a pretty good buff because it boosts the Physical Power of an allied tower or Phoenix and reduces their damage taken by 7%, which stacks up to three times.

You can find some of the other significant changes to Conquest below:

  • Players in the duo lane will also notice a new tropical beachy scene on the outside of the map, just north or south of the Knight’s Keep, behind their Tier 1 towers.
Duo XP Camps
  • Merged into one contestable Naga Camp
  • The Naga now drops Indra’s Scepter for the team that scores the last hit
  • Naga
    • Increased base Health from 500 to 850
    • Increase base Physical Power from 28 to 34
    • Increased base Gold Reward from 24 to 33
    • Increased base XP Reward from 40 to 60
  • Indra’s Scepter
    • Lifetime reduced from 4 to 3 minutes
    • Maximum targets reduced from 5 to 3
    • Damage dealt to Gods now deals 2% of current Health instead of maximum Health
    • Damage dealt to Minions reduced from 100 to 20/40/60 (Scales every 3 minutes)
    • Reduced HP5 aura from 25 to 10
Damage Camp
  • Damage Buff Holder
    • Increased Physical Power from 18 to 24
    • Increased Physical Power scaling from 4 to 6
    • Decreased Manticore Berserk Physical Power scaling from 75% to 55%
    • Reduced Berserk activation threshold from 45% to 30% Max Health
    • Reduced Berserk maximum duration from 10 to 5 seconds
Speed Camp
  • Speed Buff Holder
  • Increased Max Health from 675 to 700
  • Increased Physical Power from 18 to 24
  • Decreased Physical Protection from 6 to 4
  • Increased Magical Protection from 4 to 6

The full patch notes can be found on SMITE’s official site.

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