SMITE: Check Out the New Glyphs Added in Update 9.7

Update 9.7
Update 9.7 Titan Forge Games

New glyphs are added in Update 9.7 for SMITE, introduced to address a couple of issues based on community feedback. The first issue is that no glyph serves as a good option for each god archetype. The second is that some gods wanted the passives from select glyphs, but they must build items that don’t fit well with their kits.

For those who don’t know, glyphs are additional upgrades to some Tier 3 items in SMITE. They provide a new passive effect on top of the current item’s stats and other existing passives.

That said, one of the most prominent items in the game that has a new glyph is Jotunn’s Wrath. The Jotunn’s Ferocity glyph was removed to fit Jotunn’s Cunning. The new glyph gives players a stack of Wit every time they damage an enemy god with an ability. At two stacks, their next non-ultimate ability that damages an enemy god gets 25% of its cooldown instantly refunded.

Another popular item in SMITE with a new glyph is the Rod of Tahuti. The Perfected Rod of Tahuti helps mages cast multiple abilities in short succession on the same target. That’s because damaging an enemy god with an ability applies a mark that lasts for a few seconds. Dealing damage to the enemy within the timeframe consumes the mark, providing a 10% movement speed boost and reducing the cooldown of non-ultimate abilities by 1.5 seconds.

Some of the other glyphs added in Update 9.7 can be found below:

Bancroft’s Talon
  • Nimble Bancroft’s Talon
    • Inheriting Nimble Rod of Tahuti
    • For every 40 Magical Power you have, you gain 2% Attack Speed.
  • Bancroft’s Claw
    • Gain a stack of Hunger every 15 seconds (max 3). Abilities cast within 30 units of enemy gods consume a stack, dealing bonus damage equal to 0.5% of their max HP for each 75 Magical Power you have. Each god damaged by Hunger provides you with a shield of 1% of your Max HP for each 75 Magical Power you have. This cannot exceed 35% of your Max HP.
The Executioner
  • The Ferocious Executioner
    • Inheriting Jotunn’s Ferocity
    • Your next basic attack marks an enemy god. If you hit the marked enemy or the marked enemy hits you with a basic attack or ability, gain 1 stack. Each stack provides 2% increased damage towards the marked enemy, stacking up to 10 times. This effect can only occur every 30 seconds
  • The Heavy Executioner
    • PASSIVE: Basic Attacks against an enemy reduce your target’s Physical Protection by 17.5% for 3 seconds (max. 2 Stacks).
    • Attack Speed is capped at 1.75.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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