SMITE: Martichoras is Ready to Slay His Poisoned Prey in Update 10.2

New God: Martichoras
New God: Martichoras Titan Forge Games

Titan Forge Games has unleashed a new god in SMITE Update 10.2 known as Martichoras. This patch is now available on all supported platforms.

Meet the Manticore King

Martichoras, aka the Manticore King, is a new formidable god in SMITE with abilities that can kill enemies slowly but surely.

New God: Martichoras
New God: Martichoras Titan Forge Games

His basic attacks apply Venom - a stacking debuff that deals damage equal to 5% of his basic attack power over two seconds. The initial hit applies four stacks and each subsequent hit not only refreshes the duration but also increases damage by one stack (maximum of eight stacks).

Speaking of stacks, Martichoras’ first ability is called Monstrosity. Hitting enemies with basic attacks, abilities, and earning kills/assists will give Martichoras up to 100 stacks of Ferocity. Once this threshold is reached, he loses all Ferocity and gains an attack speed buff that increases in duration by hitting enemy gods with basic attacks.

Additionally, he gains permanent Monstrosity that stacks up to 30 times. Each stack gives the Manticore King 1% physical lifesteal and 1% physical ability lifesteal, which will help him survive, especially in the late game.

Martichoras is capable of slowing down his enemies with Acid Rain. When used, he fires hundreds of venomous spikes from his wings, creating a circular rain of spikes that deals damage as it rolls forward. What’s more, the rain leaves a toxic trail behind as it moves, which slows and damages all enemies within the trail.

Dying enemy gods should be afraid of his Poisoned Barb ability. That’s because Martichoras shoots a stinger that deals damage, pierces minions, and stops at the first enemy god hit. The stinger lingers inside the body of the victim for three seconds, giving the Manticore King enough time to hit them with a basic attack or ability. After doing so, the stinger explodes and deals damage, reduces healing by 50% for five seconds, and roots the affected god in place for up to 1.8 seconds at max level.

When it's time for some reprieve, Martichoras can lay a patch of stealth grass with Stalk Prey. This ability gives him and his allies a temporary place to hide. While inside and upon exiting the patch, Martichoras gains movement speed and his next basic attacks from stealth gain 10% additional damage upfront and apply eight stacks of Venom as well.

The Manticore King’s ultimate ability is called Death from Above. Martichoras soars into the air and rains down 12 bursts of damaging toxins over three seconds. He cannot be targeted and he becomes immune to crowd control effects during this time. Enemies hit by the toxic burst receive damage and have their physical protections reduced by 5% per stack (maximum of eight stacks).

Martichoras is ready to unleash his toxic abilities in Update 10.2 for SMITE. This patch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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