SMITE Invites Players to Hope Reborn Event

Hope Reborn Event
Hope Reborn Event Twitter/@SMITEGame

Do you want to add new skins to your collection in SMITE? If so, the upcoming Hope Reborn event might interest you.

What Is It?

The Hope Reborn event in SMITE is a three-chapter event that spans over three updates. Each chapter has a chest containing six items, including five skins and a cosmetic bundle. You can try your luck and open the chest to get the skins. Alternatively, if you want to get them directly, purchase them at the store but it’s going to cost you 1,200 gems each.

If you acquire all of the six items in each chapter, you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive “Unlimited Skin” for that specific chapter. In the first chapter, for example, acquiring all six items rewards you with the Unlimited Morgan Le Fay Skin. Additionally, obtaining all of the 18 items in the Hope Reborn event gives you the Leading Lady Aphrodite skin.

Here are the other event items that you can get:

  • Elven Enchanter Morgan Le Fay
  • Annihilator Martichoras
  • Business Dog Anubis
  • Fenrawr XD Fenrir
  • Voidsworn Surtr
  • Cryomech Ymir
  • Voidsworn Announcer Pack
  • Cottage Flame Global Emote

The Hope Reborn event goes live as soon as Update 10.3 drops tomorrow, March 28.

Quality of Life Changes

In addition to the Hope Reborn event, the developers will be implementing some quality-of-life changes to SMITE in Update 10.3 . One of the most notable is that the time limit for the commendation system has been reduced significantly from 24 hours to just 12 minutes. This means that you can party up with a buddy and commend them after every match, assuming of course that the recently concluded match was at least 12 minutes long.

You can find the other changes below:

  • This god has received an additional pass to update its artistic features, with a focus on its texture. Martichoras and all skins will have a noticeable increase in the detail on the wings, fur, and hair.
  • Commendations at the end of the match will now only have 1 type instead of 3 types. This still contributes equally to the commendation reward progress.
  • Commending a player will now give you an option to invite them to a party.
Split Ranked Rewards
  • 15 Wins: This will now be a Godlike Chest – the previous quests were awarding an older chest that wasn’t being updated. The Godlike Chest has been expanded to offer more content, including newer released items and higher tier rewards, and will be updated periodically moving forward.
  • 50 Wins: This will now be 100 gems, increased from the previous 50 gems per split.

Are you going to get all of the skins in the Hope Reborn event in SMITE?

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