'Smite' 60 FPS Coming to Consoles

60 FPS is the future
60 FPS is the future Hi-Rez

Smite , the MOBA combined with a third-person shooter, is getting a 60 frames per second option on PS4 and Xbox One. Right now, you can only play at 30 FPS, which isn’t ideal for the fast-paced action of Smite . I can’t even play League of Legends on 30 FPS and that game is much easier to control.

Scott Lusier, Smite’s game designer who teased the addition two weeks ago, said that the 60 FPS option will come on the next patch. There is no set date for this patch yet. Lusier tweeted out yesterday:

In another tweet, Lusier mentioned that you will have to lower your game pad’s sensitivity, because “it’s going to be fast.”

I’ve tried Smite on the Xbox One and PC, and it just plays so much better with a mouse and keyboard. It might just be that’s what I’m used to since I never really play console games, but the controls felt sluggish and difficult to input. In order to give your teammates warnings of enemies coming or MIAs, you have to go through a series of menus telling a voice announcer what to shout. You can’t warn Scylla that Hercules is coming in for a gank, farm minions and try to avoid the enemy Sun Wukong’s staff slap at the same time. Not unless you have Kali’s arms. It works fairly seamlessly on the PC, but on the Xbox it slows you down and screws up your play.

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to enjoy Smite at a faster pace once the update patch drops.

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