Slot Developers Want to Attract More Casual Gamers, and Here’s How

How Slots Developers Are Trying To Attract Casual Gamers
How Slots Developers Are Trying To Attract Casual Gamers Reactoonz

How Slots Developers Are Trying To Attract Casual Gamers

Online gaming is a very competitive marketplace. Therefore, attracting a wide audience for a particular slot game may seem to be a daunting task, and it's even worse when you don't know how to go about it.

Here we aim to cover the grid concept and other strategies top slot machine developers are using to stay ahead of their competitors, but also to attract the new generation of potential players that will play these slots and pokies in real money mode for years to come.

1. Select great creatives

How you choose your creatives will either make or break your online game. Most of these games are often virtual slot machines, therefore you should choose your creatives wisely.

Successful games tend to use bright colours and flashy images that attract casual gamers. Besides, recognizable layouts with coins and dollar bills will make your game more dynamic and exciting, as well as something familiar for gamers.

When talking about creatives, we are not simply referring to game designers, game and software developers require a whole host of creative minds to create a game that is attractive to a worldwide audience. This includes translators, copywriters and testers.

Finally, a good idea for your game may be to incorporate a short period of A/B testing. This will enable you to see the various emerging patterns and which is preferred by gamers.

2. Target lookalike audiences

One of your top priorities is to search for and acquire high-quality users from audiences from similar games. These audiences are those who are likely to show interest in your game because they are already using a similar game.

It's critical to find out the users who are going to be spending money playing your game, and those with a huge following. Facebook is one of the best places to upload your online slot game data to check what users have in common.

You should pay attention to users' demographics, location, traits, interests, behaviours, and more. With Facebook, you can develop up to 500 lookalike audiences. Besides, you can choose to exclude some people from the lookalike audience depending on your preferences.

While lookalike audiences may be smaller because of targeting a particular group of individuals, those included in your audience are more likely to show a huge interest in your game. As a result, you'll acquire high LTV users who might turn out to be loyal customers, making this process useful and cost-saving.

3. Use the App Store to optimize your game

The online slot game industry is a dynamic, yet crowded market. Many developers find it lucrative and this creates stiff competition. Being ahead of your competitors is now harder than ever.

You have to be smart when optimizing the game for the App and Play Stores. It's not as simple as following the basic app store optimization strategies for your game to outperform others. It's more than that. Great visuals, your game's trailer, icon, screenshots are a critical part of this process. You should also select the perfect keywords, game title, and description.

4. The Grid Slot concept:

First, it's necessary to understand the nature of grid slot games. While it may seem complex to many, the grid concept is simple and straightforward. Grid slot games take on single grid systems split up into boxes filled with objects.

It's easy to play — players simply align objects in a matching sequence to eliminate them successfully to earn points. However, while there may be other, more complex grid slots, they all apply the same concept mentioned above.

Popular examples of this type of game are Candy Crush , and was one of the pioneers of the grid slot system, and was the first of its kind to use the grid concept successfully. It has hundreds of levels for players to ride through, adding more fun and a free user experience.

The great thing about this is that although this is a free game to play, as players may sometimes fail to work through certain levels which they are determined to win, they could either wait for their attempts to refresh or pay to receive additional attempts.

Unlike pure progression grid slot games, players playing grid slot casino games have to pay to play real-life grid slot games. These games are so popular because of the chance to win real money rather than just progressing through the numerous levels.

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