Slay The Spire 1.01 Live On Nintend Switch, Patch Notes Detailed

Update 1.01 brings bug fixes galore to the just-released Nintendo Switch edition of Slay The Spire.
Slay The Spire Update 1.01 is now live on Nintendo Switch.
Slay The Spire Update 1.01 is now live on Nintendo Switch. Mega Crit Games

Slay The Spire Update 1.01 is now live on Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements for the portable handheld console.

While Update 1.01 doesn’t bring anything new in terms of content, the various bug fixes help to make the game more stable and more enjoyable so that Switch users can enjoy Slay The Spire the way it was meant to be played. For the full list of changes included in Slay The Spire Update 1.01, refer to the patch notes below courtesy of the official Slay The Spire subreddit:

-Fixed game crash on startup.
-Fixed crash when entering a new Act.
-Fixed crash when defeating or losing to a boss.
-Fixed issue where save file could become corrupt while saving.
-Reduced memory usage and memory leaks. Fixing several crashes.
-Fixed crash when certain text was displayed.
-Fixed crash at Rest Sites when you had a certain number of options.
-Fixed crash when opening Run History screen in Asian languages.
-Improved boot up times.
-Fixed crash when viewing empty deck.
-Fixed character voice having the incorrect pitch.
-Fixed issue where speech bubble text wasn't animated smoothly.
-Fixed several animations that weren't animated smoothly.
-Fixed ghost map screen bug when screens were opened/dismissed in a certain order.
-Fixed touchscreen support for dropdown menus.
-Fixed some cards showing the incorrect portraits.
-Credits updated for publishing, porting, and localization teams.

To update Slay The Spire to the latest version on Nintendo Switch, follow these four simple steps:

1. Make sure that your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet.
2. From the HOME Screen, choose the Slay The Spire icon without starting the game.
3. With the Slay The Spire icon selected, press either the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button on your Nintendo Switch to bring up the context menu.
4. Choose the option “Software Update” to update your game to version 1.01.

Slay The Spire is a rogue-like turn-based strategy card game developed and published by Mega Crit Games. Originally available on PC via Steam, Slay The Spire for Nintendo Switch was announced sometime last year and released earlier this month on June 6. Update 1.01 is now live for the Nintendo Switch version.

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