Slay The Spire Announced For PS4

Mega Crit Games looking to expand its playerbase on the consoles.
One of the best titles of the year so far is heading to the PlayStation 4.
One of the best titles of the year so far is heading to the PlayStation 4. Mega Crit Games

The hit PC title Slay the Spire has now been officially announced for the PlayStation 4.

Developer Mega Crit Games fused together the very best elements of roguelikes and deck-building, coming out with what is probably one of the most underrated titles of the year so far: Slay the Spire. Ever since its rise in popularity on Steam, both the developer and its publisher Humble Bundle worked hard to port the game towards consoles. Now they have announced its upcoming release for the PlayStation 4 with the release of a new trailer.

To those unfamiliar, I urge you to play it. It’s one of the best titles I have played so far this year, especially in terms of replayability. I can easily hop on and off from it, making it a popular choice for a time-waster. The game is also very accessible, even to those who have trouble with deck-builders and card-managing games, which I confess includes me.

Slay the Spire is fairly simple. Players at the start of every game are given the task of climbing the spire in order to reach the top and reign supreme. You have access to three heroes in order to do so, each one with different decks with varying strengths and weaknesses. The way to the top is not straightforward, though; you must choose and plot a course upward, trying to figure out which path is the most beneficial to you. The paths eventually diverge, and soon you will find yourself at the mercy of randomness; treasure, terrifyingly powerful monsters, pitstops, monsters again, then another bout of monsters, a merchant selling cards, some surprise events, then monsters again – it rewards and punishes you for all the actions you take, forcing you to always play strategically and tactically.

Pre-ordering Slay the Spire on the PlayStation 4 will also net you a special discount and an avatar set for your character. While it has been confirmed that a Switch version is also in the works, it still has no release date as of yet.

Slay the Spire is available to play on the PC, macOS and Linux right now. PS4 copies are available for pre-orders for $22.49, and will be released on the platform on May 21.

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