Skyweaver Introduces Hero Abilities in Latest Update

The heroes are getting an upgrade. Horizon Blockchain Games

A new update has been released for Skyweaver which introduces a revolutionized gameplay experience, with new mechanics, features, and art. One of the new things that players can enjoy is the over 100 brand new cards in starter decks.

But the highlight is the hero abilities that include:

  • Ada the Guardian
    • Empower: The first unit you play each turn gains +1 power.
  • Samya the Challenger
    • Lightspeed: Your Hero attacks target enemy unit.
  • Bouran the Shadow
    • Ritualize: Trigger target ally unit's Death effect.
  • Ari the Hacker
    • Fabricate: Add Spear Shot to your hand.
  • Lotus the Sage
    • Enlightened: Every five max mana, give your hero +3 health and Draw a card.

Here are some of the new content you can expect in this update:

  • Improvements
    • The Play screen and various match queues have been simplified.
    • Added a "Selected" filter to the deckbuilder.
    • Removed obnoxious captcha.
    • New animations.
    • Trying to create a deck with a locked Hero will direct you to the Skypass to unlock it.
    • The Decks page is now the default tab under Items.
    • The Create deck and Buy deck buttons are now pinned to the start of the Decks page.
    • Added the ability to skip through Tutorial messages with spacebar.
    • The ESC key on desktop now opens the in-game settings.
    • New Quests and updated Quests
  • Changes
    • In opening card selection, both players will pick their starting four cards from seven.
    • The Mana Crystal attached to both Heroes has been removed to reduce early game volatility and allow for a smoother mana curve throughout the game. The first player will still have a Mana Crystal in their hand.
    • Players no longer receive "match complete" and "victory bonus" XP until they have unlocked the first 3 Heroes (Ada, Samya, and Bouran). This is to better control the new player onboarding experience.
    • Changed the amount of XP required to reach Wanderer rank from 1,500 to 200.
    • Changed the amount of rank points (RP) players start with from 200 to 0.
    • Added Wanderer tiers I through III with each requiring 100 RP to reach.
    • RP will now only decrease once a player reaches the Apprentice rank.
    • Added more rank XP rewards and shifted reset values.
    • Weekly Conquest Gold cards reduced from 4 to 3. This is to ensure we maintain a steady stream of Golds before future economy updates.
    • Quests can no longer be completed in VS Bot games.
    • Increased the amount of XP Quests reward as a whole.

Check out all the changes that arrived with the new update. Skyweaver is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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