Six Vehicles Up For Grabs In War Thunder Operation F.R.O.S.T.

Six new vehicles offered.
Six new vehicles offered. Gaijin Entertainment

If you're looking to augment your forces in War Thunder, then Operation F.R.O.S.T. should be the event for you. With this event players get the chance to own six new vehicles. While the event started back on December 20, it's set to end on January 13. This means there's more than enough time to get all the different exclusive vehicles.

The six new and exclusive vehicles are:

  • TIS MA
    • USSR
    • Premium
    • Rank III
    • Description:
      • The escort fighter is set to change the image of Soviet assault aviation in many ways.
      • This twin-engine monster carries:
        • 2х37mm + 2х20mm or 2х45mm + 2х20mm cannons
        • Bombs
        • Two types of missiles
        • Large calibre defensive machine gun
  • J6K1
    • Japan
    • Premium
    • Rank IV
    • Description:
      • This premium Japanese naval interceptor fighter comes a powerful engine.
      • It offers excellent flight characteristics along with serious weaponry like the 6x20 mm cannons and 2x13,2 mm machine guns.
  • QF 3.7 Ram
    • Britain
    • Premium
    • Rank III
    • Description:
      • This vehicle has the excellent 94mm anti-aircraft gun combined with the reliable chassis of the Ram tank and put in into a self-propelled artillery system.
  • Merkava Mk.2b
    • USA
    • Rank VI (event vehicle)
    • Description:
      • This Israeli main battle tank is now even better.
      • This is a further development of the Merkava series and comes with enhanced turret protection.
      • It has high crew survivability, excellent angles of inclination in the armor and a wide range of shells.
  • 94 ft PT-811
    • USA
    • Premium
    • Rank II
    • Description:
      • This small but formidable warship is an experimental version of the highly successful American PT-810 torpedo boat.
      • It has all the best in the “mosquito fleet”:
        • high speed
        • torpedo weaponry
        • small calibre rapid-fire artillery
  • Тype 1924 Jaguar
    • Germany
    • Premium
    • Rank II
    • Description:
      • This German destroyer is armed with both 105mm rapid-fire guns and torpedoes.
      • Its good speed and maneuverability make it the best choice for those who want a balanced and versatile warships.

All event vehicles are going to be given out in the form of coupons, decorations, and camouflage that are immediately activated on the account. To get a chance to access the new vehicles, players need to complete tasks and earn stars. The more stars collected, the more prizes to win, including premium and event vehicles, New Year “Pin-up” decals and Weapon decorations.

You can learn more about this event here.

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