Six Flags Fiesta Texas Offering Theme Park-Based Gaming Experience

Are you ready for a new kind of experience? Six Flags

There are already a lot of reasons why you should visit a theme park, but the Six Flags Fiesta Texas is giving you one more. It's called ESIX Gaming, powered by Coca-Cola, launching this Saturday, May 20.

This new gaming experience is courtesy of a partnership between Six Flags Fiesta Texas and IGN Entertainment. Through this, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and IGN are going to host and stream a range of competitive events throughout the year and feature the biggest games, teams, and even some of IGN's beloved hosts.

Here's what visitors can look forward to:

  • Event Stage
    • Guests get to feel the intensity of live tournaments in a 5v5 gaming format.
  • Razer Gaming Stations
    • In partnership with Razer, the ESIX experience includes 50 custom-built gaming PC stations.
    • Guests of all skill levels can play, compete, and experience their favorite competitive titles on top-of-the-line Razer gaming hardware.
    • Each gaming PC station is equipped with the latest 4080 graphic cards, 280 Hz monitors, and a wide range of Razer gear, including its latest keyboards, mice, and headsets.
  • Gaming Console Stations
    • Console competitors are supported with the newest next-generation consoles and professional-grade Razer controllers at five console stations.
  • Razer Live Streaming Station
    • Guests have the chance to broadcast and host their own live content from an ultimate professional livestream setup composed of:
      • Razer's multi-tasking Stream Controller.
      • Professional dynamic microphone.
      • Razer's 4k webcam.
      • Key lights.
      • Iconic Razer gaming chair.
  • Bar, Restrooms, and Enhanced Amenities
    • Guests can relax in the ultramodern 52-seat lounge that comes with cellphone charging stations.
    • Take a sip of the signature cocktail from the new bar menu or test and buy the latest gaming equipment.
  • Coke VIP Lounge (second floor)
    • During events, athletes can relax and enjoy the upscale, full-service environment and watch live-streaming gameplay.
  • Zaragoza Theater
    • A 1,601-seat, full-sized theater which can be used for esports events and gameplay during large-scale tournaments.

In a statement, Park President Jeffrey Siebert shared that they're excited to partner with IGN and launch this new and state-of-the-art gaming experience. He added that it's the first of its kind at any theme park.

Meanwhile, Karl Stewart of IGN revealed that with this new ESIX Gaming arena, it's clear that Six Flags is raising the bar. He added that it also shows everybody how committed Six Flags is to gaming.

What do you think? Ready to try out this new experience?

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