Sinomacrops are Flying to Lost Island of Ark: Survival Evolved

See what's landing soon.
See what's landing soon. Studio Wildcard

Just in case you’ve been living under a prehistoric rock, the new Lost Island DLC is arriving in Ark: Survival Evolved later this year. In addition to a new map, three new creatures are expected to be introduced. The first two creatures have already been introduced and it looks like the third one is the Sinomacrop.

Before we take a closer look at this third creature, check out the Amargasaurus and the Dinopithecus.

In the Wild

Unlike some of the prehistoric creatures, the Sinomacrop is both curious and friendly. While it does have a tendency to approach and investigate any unfamiliar creature, it spooks easily. When the creature is threatened, it spreads its wings to show deimatic eyespots hoping to confuse or scare predators away.

Being Domesticated

Taming this creature is straightforward but could be tricky. All that needs to be done is feed the creature without scaring it. Once they’re tamed, they like to travel with the humans who domesticated them and may even become clingy. Then again, being intelligent creatures, they always look for social interaction.

Once bonded, the creatures have a tendency to be protective. Any small creatures that approach the human partner are sure to be met with flashing eyespots and piercing shrieks.

Making the creature a good companion is that despite being small, it can carry heavy loads. It can carry a full-grown human though it may have trouble gaining altitude.

Sponsored Mod

Studio Wildcard revealed in a post that the newest map to be released under the ARK Sponsored Mod Program is Alemia. The map reworks a lot of aspects of the game and has players go on an adventure without using technology. Read more about the new map here.

Studio Wildcard also shared that the program is now accepting applications for the next selection. Those interested have until October 5 to submit their projects here .

Last Day

There’s still time to enjoy the ARK Evolution Event, which ends tomorrow. It’s the last chance to earn these:

  • 2X Taming
  • 2X Breeding
    • Mating interval
    • Egg hatch speed
    • Imprint
    • Maturation
  • 2X Harvesting
  • 2X XP
  • 2X Hexagon Bonus

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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