Ark: Survival Evolved Bringing the Dinopithecus to Lost Island

The 2nd of 3 creatures.
The 2nd of 3 creatures. Studio Wildcard

The Lost Island of Ark: Survival Evolved is set to introduce a new creature, and it's none other than the Dinopithecus.

This new creature is not randomly introduced to the game. Instead, it was a result of voting that beat the Carcharodontosaurus by 1%. By the way, this is the second creature to arrive on the Lost Island . The first to be revealed was the Amargasaurus, which you can read more about here.

The Troublemaker

The best way to describe the Dinopithecus is that it's an oversized baboon. Players should be wary about this one since it has a pack-oriented behavior. This is true especially if there’s an alpha, which organizes and empowers the pack. Once the alpha is slain, the pack falls apart.

Typically, the Dinopithecus prefers to have a diet of fruits mixed with some meat. Yet they eat almost anything given the chance. It goes without saying that they’re excellent climbers.

One interesting thing about this creature is that when provoked, they have the tendency to throw their feces. However, it’s not just your regular excrement. It has a parasite that could truly give you some problems.

For those who can tame a good number of Dinopitheci, they’re going to have a small troop ready to fight for them. As explained earlier, the group organizes around the strongest one or the alpha. Taming one also allows you to ride them and you won’t need any saddle since they can let you use their tail.

The Dinopithecus is the second of three new creatures to be introduced to the game. What do you think is the third creature?

Other Announcements

In addition to the reveal of a new creature, developer Studio Wildcard revealed in a post that beginner servers are going to be wiped clean on all platforms on August 6. This is done to give new players that fresh beginner experience.

This is also a good time to join the game since it’s being offered at a 75% discount on Steam.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game that takes place on an island filled with dinosaurs and other creatures. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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