Single-Player Campaign Coming To KARDS With Upcoming Expansion

Take charge in five new campaigns.
Take charge in five new campaigns. 1939 Games

KARDS revealed that its upcoming expansion, Theaters of War, is set to be released on June 30. This upcoming expansion is sure to excite players as it adds five single-player campaigns to the game. It’s also going to offer 40 new cards which can be unlocked when players complete these campaigns.

Once the expansion is launched, the five main nations, which are Britain, Germany, Japan, USA, and The Soviet Union, are going to get their own unique campaign. Each is going to feature five battles taken from real-world military campaigns. These should allow players to not only recreate these conflicts, but to also see what happens when they use their own tactics and strategies.

The British campaign, for example, puts Allies into Operation Torch from 1942. Here players need to fight in order to capture the city of Tunis, one that’s currently controlled by the Vichy-French. With a total of three decks available, there’s going to be a range of strategies for players to master for each battle. It’s not just new campaigns though, as the expansion is also offering another first for the game. This time, in between rounds, cards are going to be upgradable to make them even more powerful for the rest of the campaign.

As mentioned, there are new cards available. There’s going to be eight exclusive cards available to be unlocked for each of the campaigns. Among these new special cards are the new HQs, which correspond to the locations of each campaign. The HQs transform the playboard and add a fresh feel to online battles.

KARDS is currently available to download for free on Steam. The game offers traditional CCG gameplay combined with new mechanics that are clearly inspired by classic strategy games as well as real battlefield tactics. KARDS was released this past April 15 and has received mainly positive reviews. The full Theaters of War expansion is available for $29.95, a 25% savings compared to buying the five campaigns individually. Pre-purchase of the bundle is already available as of June 19 and those who do pre-purchase get access to new card backs along with five Elite Cards.

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