SiN: Reloaded Officially Announced For PC, Coming In 2021

A remake of the classic 90s shooter, also for PC.
3D Realms will publish SiN: Reloaded, a full-fledged remake of the original 90s shooter for PC.
3D Realms will publish SiN: Reloaded, a full-fledged remake of the original 90s shooter for PC. 3D Realms

Publisher 3D Realms, along with developers Nightdive Studios, Slipgate Ironworks, and Ritual Entertainment, has just announced SiN: Reloaded. The game is a remastered version of the 1998 first-person shooter of the same name, and is scheduled to release for the PC via Steam in 2021.

SiN is a first-person shooter title that was developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Activision in 1998. Set in a dystopian future of 2037, players assume the role of resident bad-ass and commander of one of the largest security forces in Freeport city, Colonel John R. Blade. Before the events of the game, Col. Blade has been working tirelessly to rid the streets of U4, a highly potent recreational drug that is rumored to cause genetic mutations with its users. The game then starts with Blade responding to a full-scale bank heist perpetrated by the city’s well-known crime boss, Antonio Mancini. This leads him further down a web of lies and intrigue that inevitably connects the city’s crime, appearance of mutants, and SinTEK, a large multinational biotechnology corporation, together. Basically, the CEO of SinTEK, Elexis Sinclaire, plans to utilize the U4 drug as a bioweapon to turn the city, or even the world’s population, into genetically engineered mutants. It is here where Col. John Blade must step in and save the day.

SiN, which was created on a modified version of the Quake II engine, will now be running on the KEX Engine for SiN: Reloaded. Tons of new features will be included in this remastered version, such as the base game and its Wages of SiN expansion being completely rebuilt from the ground up. SiN: Reloaded will now also feature remastered high definition models and textures made by Slipgate Ironworks. SiN: Reloaded has also been confirmed to provide support for both wide- and ultra-wide video resolutions. Native controller support has also been added. Finally, classic game modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are included as well.

SiN: Reloaded will launch for the PC via Steam in 2021. Also, it can be added to your wishlist right now if you want to get a heads-up when it drops.

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