The Sims Mobile Welcomes the Eerie Autumn Update

Time for some spooky fun.
Time for some spooky fun. EA

A new update has arrived in The Sims Mobile and everyone is invited to have some spooky fun. The Eerie Autumn update also introduces terrifying outfits, ghoulish items, and of course, wicked rewards. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new content that arrived with the new update.

Let’s start with this new Designer Home. For those who are obsessed with the occult, don’t forget to unlock the Claude Castle. Once you have it, this is sure to be the scariest sight out there in Briny Heights.

Sim Festival Season Four

The new update officially marks the beginning of the Sim Festival Season Four. For this one, Claude René Duplantier Guidry is going to Briny Heights in hopes of finding his true love. Once he arrives, he’s going to cast a spell on everyone with new and improved Sim Festival tasks.

Throughout the 5-Day Festival, players can complete Daily Tasks and Seasonal Tasks to get “Prize Tickets.” These can be used to unlock different rewards that include:

  • Friendly Puppet Frejya
  • Dreadlocked Crusader
  • Claude René Duplantier Guidry NPC
  • Claude Castle
  • Eerie Autumn Trophy
  • Guidry Signature Plaque
  • Happily Haunted Hutch
  • Plush n Wide Sofa
  • Fall'-ing in love Cascading dress
  • The Suit To End All Suits a la Guidry
  • Spooky Specter Jar
  • Sinister Occult hand
  • Florally Normal Coffee Table
  • Goldiloops End table
  • Bloodstained Natural Lips
  • Guidry’s Handstitched Derby Shoes
  • Hang on to your Hats

Treasure Hunt Live Events

This may be the time for spooky stuff but that hasn’t stopped Smallfry from going on a quest to dig rewards. Exclusive items that can be earned by players during the event include:

  • Grand Prizes
    • Marbellous Fireplace
    • Cozy Hibernation Bed
    • Not so Dreaded Long Locks
  • Pyramid Prizes
    • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Dress
    • Classic Pompadour
    • Graceful Tasteful Crafts Table
    • Thou Wood Not End Table
    • Beaver Moon Sweater
    • Square Peg Shelf
    • Knitted Tushie Cosy
    • Buckle Up and Harvest Fall Boots
    • Fall Haul Trifted Knits
    • Modern Vertical Planters
    • Grim Little Toy
    • Commit to Knit Yarn Basket
    • Tailgate Barbecue Cuffed Pants
    • Even Jocks need Comfy Socks
    • Delicate Floral Bloom Painting
    • Channel the Inner Panda’ Hat

Learn more about the new update here.

The Sims Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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