Sims 4 Update September 2017: Meet Toddlers Ball Pit 2.0

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The Sims team fixed the toddlers ball pit object from the last DLC. Sims 4

The new Sims 4 update adds a brand-new bed, chair, mirror, two sets of windows, fence, awning, chimney, a feminine hairstyle, necklace, two shirts, a pair of jeans, and a dress -- but that’s not all. Meet the Toddlers Ball Pit 2.0.

Sims 4 toddler
The new toddlers ball pit. Photo: Sims 4

The new and improved Chuck E. Cheese style ball pit is no longer flat and one dimensional. There are now balls protruding from the top layer, giving it a more realistic feel that matches the graphics quality of the game. For once, bitching and complaining (in good fun, this time around...I mean, did you see the spaghetti mod? That’s almost worth the dissapointing ball pit) on forums and across social media may have paid off. Considering the ball pit was one of the main features of the $10 Toddlers Stuff DLC, upgrading this object was the right thing to do. It’s still not the prettiest ball pit ever, but considering how hard it is to make and how cute toddlers are, we will consider this a ball pit redemption story.

sims 4 ball pit
The old toddlers ball pit. Photo: Sims 4

Though the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion is a little under two months away, the description for the latest Sims 4 September update does feature some humorous pet-themed prose. It’s also unclear why the development team decided to add not just a couple, but many new objects and CAS items to the game, but we’ll take it. In addition to these surprise features, there’s also a new interface for the gallery. After updating your game, you’ll notice it’s much more obvious which builds require certain DLC’s. Aside from these bigger updates, there aren’t too many bug fixes you should know about. Take a look at the full patch notes and the new objects/CAS items below (via SimsCommunity).

sims 4
New objects added to the base game. Photo: Sims 4
sims 4
New gallery design. Photo: Sims 4

Update: 09/12/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Aroooo Simmers,

Ok, it’s a little early to jump into the pet puns… sure it’s been ruff, but if we all keep trying to hold on to that feline, I’m sure we can mutt’le through. Just a little bite longer, before you too can fetch your very own pets. O - kay? Nine… eight… ah, a countdown just breeds melan-collie... So instead, let’s all raise a hound of appawse, and heel in for a few issues we retrieved, and try to think pawsitively until pets is pup and running!


New Create a Sim assets:

  • For adults – a hair, necklace, jacket, and pants, full body outfit, and top.

  • For children – a top, and bottom

New objects:

  • Some architectural pieces – fence, chimney, 2 windows, and an awning.

  • And some objects - a mirror, bed, chair, living chair, sofa, potted plant, and a duck.

    • Yes... a duck, it's wooden.

We have also made some small Gallery changes. When you are viewing the catalog details page for a catalog item in the Gallery:

  • The comments section will always be visible on the right side.

  • The catalog information will always be visible on the left.

  • And Information about what packs are used by the catalog item will now be found along the top of the information and comments section.



  • We addressed an issue…

    • We addressed an issue? Really… how many times have you used the phrase we addressed an issue? Stop addressing them and fix…

      • Woah, woah… we can’t use that word.

    • You can’t use the word “fix”?

      • Not when pets are just around the corner.

  • *sigh* As I was saying, WE ADDRESSED AN ISSUE that would cause an incorrect save to appear in the load menu, if you cancelled a Save As action or used Save As to overwrite an existing save.

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

      • We’re done here.

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing Sims from autonomously using the television if they did not own Movie Hangout Stuff.

    • I have decided not to add anything more to this issue in order to make the reading of these notes quick and easy, without padding any extra space by just randomly talking about nothing in parti...

    • Oh shh…

Toddler Stuff

  • We have improved the visuals around the ball pit.

    • The ball pit itself looks exactly like it did, we just made the area around the ball pit look better?

      • No!

    • We made the area around the ball pit look worse?

      • No, we improved the visuals of the ball pit.

    • Why did you say around?

      • It’s a common phrase… like killing time.

    • How could you?!

  • Toddlers will now be able to autonomously cancel their use of the ball pit if they chose to play within it autonomously.

Get to Work

  • The Be Prepared Security Gate can now be placed on tall, small, and in all between fence sizes.

City Living

  • The Tree in a Box now has category tags properly associated with it.

  • Sims with the isWeirdo and isCityRepair hidden traits will now properly age if they have been added to your family…

    • …via marriage, adoption, squatting, cheating, osmosis, merging, incorporation, bonding, bunching together, teaming up, tagging in, or any other means of joining, going in league with, wedding, binding, banding, plugging in, hooking up, fusing, coupling, associating, blending, joining the same bracket, or just tacking things together.

Thanks again for your time and mastiff amounts of feedback.

-SimGuru “the pet puns are only going to get worse” Gnome

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