Sims 4 Is Headed To College With The Discover University Expansion Pack

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It's time for college.
It's time for college. Electronic Arts

It's off to college this time as Sims 4 prepares to launch its Discover University Expansion Pack. Players can choose to attend the historical University of Britechester or enroll at the more modern Foxbury Institute. No matter what you're choice is, you're in for some amazing collegiate experiences.

So what happens once you finish choosing where to enroll? You should find time to Settle In. You can choose a dorm if you want to stay on-campus. You can even spend some time in the student commons. If you want to have your own "Community" then maybe you can set up a study session with a group. Take this time to explore the university and learn more about what it has to offer.

This being college, the priority should be Academics. That said, you Sims need to choose from a huge selection of classes. You want to take up Computer Science? Well, why not? What about Villainy? Sounds weird, but it's possible. There are going to be lectures to attend, presentation to give, and even term papers to work on and submit. Whether you're attending classes or blowing them off, it's going to affect your final grades.

It's not all study though as you get the chance to take Extra-Curricular Activities as well. Get your Sims to join organizations or just hang out and play some juice pong. You may also want to check out the secret society on campus that is on the lookout for new members.

Finally, with this being the Sims there's always room for Self Expression. While college is about study and play, it's also about your Sims discovering who they are meant to be. They can experiment with their personal style by starting with the decor of their dorm room. Make sure to pick a color that shows their personality. They can also use posters and even mini-fridges. When it comes to personal style, your Sims can either dress to impress or just go for something comfortable.

The Discover University Expansion Pack will release to the PC on November 15 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 17.

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