Base-building and Colony Sim Game Stardeus Now on Steam Early Access

Prepare to make a mark in space.
Prepare to make a mark in space. Kodo Linija

The sci-fi base-building and colony sim game Stardeus is now on Steam Early Access. It’s available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs, priced at $29.99. The game challenges players to build and manage a massive starship with a host of drones and human residents.

The game is a sci-fi colony management simulator that has aspects of automation, base-building and space exploration. Players take on the role of a new AI tasked with building and managing a massive starship. They’ll be supervising robots, drones, and humans, and handling construction and maintenance of their mobile colony. Players also need to respond to problems that come up like external catastrophes or the unreliable nature of the free-willed colonists.

There are a lot of things for players to do, such as crafting machinery and resources, automating production chains, and managing power and oxygen. Once everything is done, players can explore new planets, trade with merchants, and defend against violent raiders.

With the in-game Story Generator, Stardeus is able to offer emergent storytelling. There’s also modding support and countless customization options. Players can also look forward to new options and features to be added.

Game Features

  • Save your Crew
    • With only a handful of drones at your disposal, salvage, repair and rebuild your destroyed ship and restore life support before the crew suffocates in the vacuum of space.
  • ​Rebuild your Ship
    • Design and rebuild your ship according to your own needs and desires.
    • Balance the onboard systems of oxygen, heat, and power to ensure long-term survival.
  • Automate and Organize Production
    • Process resources into useful components to maintain and expand your ship’s facilities.
    • Grow crops and turn the harvest into food for your awakening colonists.
    • Generate energy to power your ship and create a robust interconnected system.
  • Research Technologies
    • Use and expand your massive computing power to research alien technologies.
    • Discover new ways to survive the harsh universe and take care of or exploit your human crew.
  • Explore the Universe
    • Once powered and crewed by skilled colonists, take your ship on an odyssey to explore and mine the procedurally-generated planets and systems of a vast universe.
  • ​Live your Space Odyssey
    • Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
    • Live through an endless number of events and encounters introduced by the story-generating AI.
    • Be it alien face huggers, benevolent traders or pirates: always be vigilant and deal with whatever happens the way you chose.

Get Stardeus on Steam.

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